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A radio-channel random-access technique that depends on positive acknowledgement of correct receipt for error control.
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(From the Hawaiian greeting) A system of contention resolution devised at The University of Hawaii. Packets are broadcast when ready, the sender listens to see if they collide and if so re-transmits after a random time. Slotted Aloha constrains packets to start at the beginning of a time slot. Basic Aloha is appropriate to long propagation time nets (e.g. satellite). For shorter propagation times, carrier sense protocols are possible.
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A type of TDMA transmission system developed by the University of Hawaii used for satellite and terrestrial radio links. In the traditional ALOHA system, packets are transmitted as required, and, like Ethernet's CSMA/CD method, collisions can occur. A "Slotted ALOHA" system triggers transmission starts by a clock and reduces the number of collisions.
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