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1. (in the European Alps) an area of pasture above the valley bottom but below the mountain peaks
2. a high mountain


A list processing extension of Mercury Autocode.

["ALP, An Autocode List-Processing Language", D.C. Cooper et al, Computer J 5:28-31, 1962].
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The challenge to bone ALP quantification has been differentiating bone ALP from liver ALP in human serum.
The provincial government had extended a request to the Ministry of Interior for recruitment of more ALP officials to be deployed in rest of the districts, he informed.
In contrast, the nonbone form (assumed to be largely the liver form) of ALP showed the same trends of increase in both men and women, but the slope of the regression line was slightly steeper for the men's results.
When an ALP member is killed, the ministry gives his family 2,500 afghanis in compensation, but relatives of an ANP employee get 100,000 afs.
Apart from the exceptional location and elegant design, ultra-luxury residences are defined by ALP as one that devotes generous living space.
EDTA blood samples were used for blood grouping, and clotted blood for the analysis of serum ALP.
It was clear from the beginning of the project that ALP was committed to developing a very unique, high-spec design," he says.
The ALP attended four incidents and was deployed at three.
This is the entry route from Pakistan, but now the Taliban are welcome to come," Shinak, 40, a new member of the ALP, joked as he brandished his machinegun.
We also examined the effect of combining heavy metals on ALP activity.