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1. (in the European Alps) an area of pasture above the valley bottom but below the mountain peaks
2. a high mountain
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A list processing extension of Mercury Autocode.

["ALP, An Autocode List-Processing Language", D.C. Cooper et al, Computer J 5:28-31, 1962].
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Muhammad Ayub Chaudhry, Chairman PARC presided over the 32 meeting of Board of Directors (BOD) of Agricultural Linkages Program (ALP), besides technical members of PARC, Member (Agriculture), Planning and Development attended the meeting.
NEC ALP Pro optimizes message delivery by automatically setting and recommending rules for target ads depending on non-identifying demographic data such as age, gender, events, and even weather.
Chairman PARC said that the ALP is an endowment fund established at PARC with the support of Government of USA to use for activities/projects in line with the Pakistan's long-term research/development goals for the agriculture sector.
During the hearing, ALP chief apprised the court about how the country does not have an institution that keeps a check on politicians and political parties.
In healthy adults, the greatest part of serum ALP levels is constituted from liver and bone isoenzymes, whereas the majority of serum ALP is bone-derived in children as a result of growth.
The ALP report accused the Burmese army of extrajudicial killings of captured enemy combatants, as well as forcing civilians to serve as porters during front-line clashes against the Arakan Army.
[3] Nonstandard abbreviations: ALP, alkaline phosphatase; URL, upper reference limit; GGT, gamma-glutamyl transferase; P1NP, procollagen type 1 N-terminal propeptide; PEG, polyethylene glycol; PPA, PEG-precipitable activities.
This study is centered to see the effect of the incubation period on ALP enzyme activity at 37[degrees]C.
ALP has so far sold about 2,800 high-end residential lots worth about P33 billion from its seven Nuvali residential projects.
Increase in ALP activity was seen regardless of whether low- or high-fat meal was consumed.