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The Alpha system was supplied by UK Extrusions Ltd, announced as Plasmac's sales agent early this year.
Alpha system was used to conduct a comprehensive search of the online domain
Linc Energy will own the AFC Energy stock and have the right to freely trade the stock as appropriate.- For Linc Energy owned sites, Linc Energy will pay to AFC Energy an upfront payment calculated on the cost of delivery of fuel cell systems, and a royalty based on profits generated from the use of AFC Energy fuel cells.- For Linc Energy owned sites, Linc Energy will pay to B9 Coal, as introducer and broker to the transaction, a royalty equal to two percent of the net profits generated from the use of AFC Energy fuel cells.Testing of the Alpha Fuel Cell System will involve Linc Energy using a simple membrane gas separation process upon the UCG gas to ensure a satisfactory hydrogen mix feed gas is available for the Alpha System Fuel Cell.
Curtis' Alpha System units ensure consistent water temperature during brewing and feature simple, push-button operation.
Under the agreement, FCT will provide Siemens with the design of its Alpha system on a non-exclusive basis for internal test purposes.
The Alpha system has a uniquely reinforced handle and shaft, making repair and costly reinsulations a rarity.
Of the 468 physicians from the Alpha system who responded to the survey at Time 1, 182 responded to the survey at Time 2, while 103 physicians at the Delta system responded to the survey at both Time 1 and Time 2.
The trial, which was carried out at the Compaq benchmarking suite in Birmingham, showed that the best limes were achieved when Cogent's investment management application was run on Cache on an Alpha system.
Setting up the Alpha system requires some diddling with the subwoofer level and the subwoofer cut-off frequency, all covered by the subwoofer's instruction manual, which offers welcome and informative hints on how to set up the subwoofer, both in terms of placement and control adjustment.
While we immediately recognized the benefits in this type of configuration for our library environment, the proposed DEC Alpha system could not fit into this plan because Citrix never designed WinFrame to run on Alpha-based servers.
"We and Sandia will put the two halves together in what's called an alpha system, which will go to one of our potential customers to be checked out, in late 1995," Ceglio says.