alternative energy

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alternative energy

a form of energy derived from a natural source, such as the sun, wind, tides, or waves
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Alternative energy

The energy from a source other than conventional fossil-fuel sources, e.g., oil, natural gas, and coal, such as wind, running water, the sun, geothermal, or biomass. Also referred to as alternative fuel.
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He expressed the hope that the upcoming conference would go a long way in achieving the vision of the Sindh government to promote and maximize the consumption of alternative energy resources in the province.
At present, 18 percent of electricity production in Azerbaijan accounts for alternative energy sources, in which hydro power plants hold main share.
According to him, alternative energy sources are about the best for the country because they are environmentally friendly.
To overcome the power crisis, promotion and adoption of alternative energy was the need of the hour.
The solar energy from this project will increase its alternative energy footprint to more than 130 MW, and the company hopes to utilize 135 MW of alternative energy by 2020.
Awan: If you do cost comparison of alternative energy projects, they are at par with conventional technologies of power generation as there is no extended supply chain component involved in doing projects of renewable energy.
While a majority of Americans have preferred alternative energy solutions since 2011, support has increased substantially since 2013 (59%) and 2014 (64%).
Asif Jah, Convener, REAP Expo said that countrys natural resources are depleting and with the rapid increase of population and commercial activities, it is required to adopt energy efficient methods and alternative energy equipments provides easy and cost effective solution of our all energy related issues.
It is difficult to imagine a more comprehensive or better organized series on alternative energy written for junior and senior high school students.
Reacting to the report, UAE-based FM firm Imdaad, has said that it thinks alternative energy sources are increasingly important for the growth of the MENA region's facilities management sector.
The report, by the Kuwait-based Diplomatic Center for Strategic Studies, said the global investments in alternative energy jumped to USD 260 billion in 2011, up 5 percent compared with 2010.
The summit, taking place at the Sharq Village Hotel and Spa, will highlight major international upcoming alternative energy projects and provide a platform for the participants to raise capital.

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