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Strengths of the Rochester PM center include an interdisciplinary approach in ambient characterization studies, epidemiological studies, clinical studies, animal studies, and in vitro mechanistic studies; a focus on the role of ultrafine partides compared with other particle-size fractions; and experience in performing studies using laboratory-generated surrogate particles as well as real-world particles.
But, if the skin sensor is placed such that the ambient correction is small, this issue is not critical.
We affixed the MP sampler to a tripod for ambient monitoring, approximately 1 m above ground level.
Using the shift factors from ultra-sensitive oxygen consumption, the elongation to break master curve was shifted to ambient temperatures (figure 11).
While Microsoft and other organizations have been experimenting with ambient technologies for years, the aim now is to commercialize these technologies.
Finally, when performing off-line NO measurements in either a clinical or research setting, it is necessary to know the concentration of ambient NO in the environment in which the samples are taken.
The modeling data indicated that emissions from the treatment system were having the greatest, and most frequent, impact on ambient TRS in the Surrounding community.
Acer Netxus, a communications company within the Acer Group, has selected an Ambient Technologies chipset for use in a new USB modem product.
Ambient noises - such as engines, wind and tires - pose a threat to your listening pleasure.
Sugar maples, they report, increase photosynthetic carbon dioxide uptake by 20 percent (per unit weight) when grown in 650 parts per million (ppm) carbon dioxide instead of the 350-ppm level representative of ambient conditions.
NASDAQ:ITRI) announced today it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Ambient Corporation for integration of Itron smart grid and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions, and components, with Ambient Smart Grid([R])communications platform.