ambient lighting

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ambient lighting

Light that comes from all directions. Contrast with "directional lighting," which is made up of a light source with parallel light rays that do not diminish with distance. Also, contrast with "positional lighting," in which the rays are not parallel, but diminish in intensity from the source.

Primary Light Sources
Ambient lighting comes from all directions, while directional and positional lighting come from one source. (Image courtesy of Intergraph Computer Systems.)
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Ambient lighting

A form of lighting that illuminates a room in a uniform, unfocused, indirect manner. Task-ambient lighting provides both focused lighting, and general illumination at a lower level, thus conserving energy.
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ambient lighting

In any given area, the general background illumination.
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Moreover, government norms in multiple countries are advocating the use of energy-efficient products, which has resonated strong growth within the ambient lighting market.
Panasonic proposes "Projection Lighting," a new ambient lighting concept, using the Space Player that works both as a spotlight and projector.
The high degree of built-in functionality in this function-packed single-chip solution enables the creation of streamlined highly optimized ambient lighting systems without the need to include large numbers of external components.
2 For ambient lighting, use efficient, diffuse sources, such as fluorescent.
"We generally agree that retail which depends too much on ambient lighting rather than accent lighting uses more energy with less effect than lighting which primarily accents the merchandise.
This unique precision display instrument enables hands-free access to information such as diagrams, instrumentation, maintenance records, moving maps and interactive training manuals, superimposing the information on the user's view and creating "augmented vision." The Nomad System features full daylight-readability, allowing users to view high-contrast images in even challenging ambient lighting conditions.
Sometimes, to enhance visibility for the aging eye, task lighting and ambient lighting have to be balanced--for example, enhancing contrast by turning on the task lighting and dimming the ambient lighting.
AMBIENT lighting helps to create a mood and feel of a room.
According to "Ambient Lighting Modifies the Flavor of Wine," a recent study published in the Journal of Sensory Studies, the color of the ambient light can impact the flavor of wine.
These sensors, with a standard [I.sup.2]C/SMBus (System Management Bus) interface, are integrated into any system to enable the LCD to be adjusted automatically to match ambient lighting conditions.

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