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ambo, ambon

ambo, 1
1. In early Christian churches, a pulpit for reading or chanting the Gospels or the Epistles.
2. In contemporary Balkan or Greek churches, a large pulpit or reading desk.
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He broke that tradition," said Ambo resident Almaz Bulcha.A 42-year-old former minister of science and technology, Abiy rose to prominence as part of a group of Oromo politicians within the all-powerful Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), who reached out to the protesters.
So Levi got back the minor forcing Anita and Ambo to file an appeal to the Supreme Court (SC).
Ambo mirabilia petamus magis quam terrores scientiae invenire.
My mother, who outlived my father by 18 years, celebrated the day Ambo was ordained as a priest.
xx WARDLE Hannibal Adams (Ambo) Good-night, God bless to a special uncle.
AMBO should connect the Black Sea to the Adriatic and run through Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania.