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The district court concluded that Ambry had raised a legitimate question of whether the Myriad primer and method(s) claims were invalid.
some of the patents in the suits against Ambry and Gene by Gene, would
Building on years of experience, Ambry was first to offer an NGS based diagnostic test in April 2010, with the introduction of an 81-gene panel for X-Linked intellectual disability.
Roche NimbleGen is extremely excited to welcome Ambry Genetics as our first Certified Service Provider in the United States.
Traxxec has retained Germane Systems and Ambry Associates in support of the agreement with Rexam
Carsten Arnholm, in association with Albert's Ambry, Oslo, Norway, has unveiled the latest release of Zip Explorer version 4.
In this handy volume, Margaret Ambry, editor-in-chief of New Strategist,
Margaret Ambry, Consumer Power: How Americans Spend Their Money, by the year 2000 the baby boom generation will find itself middle aged and with money to spend on furniture and other home furnishings.
Agendia, Ambry Genetics, Biodesix, bioMerieux, bioTheranostics (AviaraDx), Cancer Genetics, Inc.
This was probably heightened by the immediate announcement that several companies, including Ambry Genetics and Gene-By-Gene, would begin to offer BRCA analysis services.
Ambry Genetics (Costa Mesa, CA) scanned all exons and significant splice sites in the CFTR gene and detected mutations or sequence variants in both "negative" cell lines.
Genetic testing--offered by companies such as Ambry Genetics, Irvine, Calif.