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ambry, almary, almery, aumbry

ambry, 1
1. A cupboard or niche in a chancel wall for the utensils of the Eucharist; an armarium.
2. A storage place, storeroom, closet, or pantry.
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Following are list of players that are currently profiled in the the report "LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, Genomic Health, NeoGenomics, Eurofins Scientific, Ambry Genetics, Roche, Illumina, Centogene & 23andMe"
By leveraging or integrating the technology platforms of Konica Minolta, Ambry, and Invicro, KMPMJ will provide molecular level detection, analytics, and informatics that can deepen knowledge about the functions and connections between genes, proteins, and organs.
"Our results demonstrated a 40% false positive rate highlighting the importance of confirming DTC raw data alterations in a clinical laboratory that is experienced in complex alteration detection and classification, especially prior to making any medical management recommendations," Ambry genetic counselor Stephany Tandy-Connor wrote in a ( blog post.
Linh's primary role will be to develop a scalable operational strategy as Ambry expands its reach globally, following a successful acquisition by Konica Minolta.
25 October 2017 - US-based middle-market investment bank Intrepid Investment Bankers acted as the exclusive financial advisor to US-based California, US-based health care organisation Ambry Ambry Genetics Corp.
BreastNext: This 17 gene panel developed by Ambry Genetics is very similar to the BROCA panel in that it analyzes cancer risk and is best suited for patients with a suspected hereditary predisposition to breast or ovarian cancer.
The fragrances comes to life with refreshing top notes of fruity scent and heart notes of roses, while the base are composed of oriental ambry accords.
A next-generation sequencing panel evaluating genes associated with PHEO/PGL was performed (PGLNext panel, Ambry genetics).
Prospective competitors, including Ambry Genetics, submitted data to CMS implying that they could provide the relevant services at lower cost.
There are currently a number of LDTs on the market that offer risk assessment testing for breast and ovarian cancer, such as those offered by Myriad Genetics, Quest Diagnostics, Ambry Genetics, and a direct-to-consumer test from Color Genomics.