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A language for linear programming problems in a materials processing and transportation network.

["AMBUSH - An Advanced Model Builder for Linear Programming", T.R. White et al, National Petroleum Refiners Assoc Comp Conf (Nov 1971)].



the positioning of an army unit or of partisans, prepared well in advance and thoroughly camouflaged, on the most probable route of advance of an enemy with a view to defeating the enemy with a sudden strike, capturing prisoners, and destroying combat equipment. The Russian word for ambush, zasada, denoted the garrison in the cities of the Russian state of the 16th and 17th centuries. The zasada was headed by a voevoda (military commander or governor).

What does it mean when you dream about an ambush?

An ambush is a surprise attack. Concretely, it may represent some unpleasant surprise or unanticipated turn for the worse in one’s life. If one was headed for a clear destination at the time of the ambush, it may represent a sense of being blocked. Ambushes may also be more general symbols of sudden loss and emotional upheaval.

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Meanwhile a source within UNAMID told Sudan Tribune that the patrol unit was ambushed by a group comprised of 5 gunmen, adding that heavy clashes which ensued led to the death of 2 gunmen while the others were forced to flee.
The body of Chhattisgarh Congress chief Nand Kumar Patel, who was kidnapped along with his son after Maoists ambushed a convoy of party leaders, was found on Sunday in a forest in Bastar district.
transportation unit/Korean supply unit convoy was attacked by a company-size group of North Vietnamese who had ambushed the convoy using B-40 rockets, machine guns, and other small arms.
At least three election candidates, including President Hamid Karzai's vice-presidential running mate Mohammad Qasim Fahim, have been ambushed in the past week although all escaped unhurt.
SIX American troops were killed when militants ambushed their foot patrol in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan.
ONE of the Midlands' most historic castles is to be ambushed on August Bank Holiday weekend.
Colour Sergeant Richie Jones of Ruthin has had to have a leg amputated following a fierce firefight when a patrol he was in was ambushed by Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, as reported by the Daily Post (above left)
The documentary opens with mothers of two of the four Blackwater Security guards who were ambushed in Fallujah, their bodies burned, mutilated and hung from a bridge.
Suspected Taliban militants ambushed two civilian convoys in southern Afghanistan, killing 32 people, a father of one of the victims said Monday.
AN SAS hero was shot dead in Iraq when an angry mob ambushed his convoy, it emerged yesterday as six other people died in separate attacks.
The gunmen ambushed Zeevi on the eighth floor of Jerusalem's Hyatt Hotel and shot him three times at close range in the head and throat, police said.
The gunmen ambushed Rehavam Zeevi, aged 75, on the eighth floor of Jerusalem's Hyatt Hotel and shot him three times at close range in the head and throat, police said.