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A language for linear programming problems in a materials processing and transportation network.

["AMBUSH - An Advanced Model Builder for Linear Programming", T.R. White et al, National Petroleum Refiners Assoc Comp Conf (Nov 1971)].



the positioning of an army unit or of partisans, prepared well in advance and thoroughly camouflaged, on the most probable route of advance of an enemy with a view to defeating the enemy with a sudden strike, capturing prisoners, and destroying combat equipment. The Russian word for ambush, zasada, denoted the garrison in the cities of the Russian state of the 16th and 17th centuries. The zasada was headed by a voevoda (military commander or governor).

What does it mean when you dream about an ambush?

An ambush is a surprise attack. Concretely, it may represent some unpleasant surprise or unanticipated turn for the worse in one’s life. If one was headed for a clear destination at the time of the ambush, it may represent a sense of being blocked. Ambushes may also be more general symbols of sudden loss and emotional upheaval.

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22 Additionally, the ruling suggests that Nike's reputation as an aggressive marketer and habitual ambusher did not have any bearing on the court's decision.
In fact, it is by focusing these efforts at the retail level that official sponsors can best exploit their authentic association with the event and thereby ambush the ambushers.
Individuals with high felt involvement for a sport or event may feel more resentment toward ambushers or be more likely to seek out or attend to information regarding ambushing activities" (p.
Ambush marketing is definitely a big problem for major event organisers since ambushers first targeted the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games and Europe currently has very few legal precedents with regard to ambush marketing, but this situation is about to change.
However, spiders specialize in methods used to capture prey including: ambushers (Thomisidae), stalkers (Oxypidae, Salticidae), runners (Gnaphosidae, Lycosidae), orb-web weavers (Araneidae), tangled-web weavers (Dictynidae, Diguetidae, Theridiidae), and sheet-web weavers (Agelenidae, Linyphiidae; Wise, 1993).
Drift in on an early morning high tide while casting surface lures to points, trees, eddies or any other interesting area, and you will be rewarded with an array of underwater ambushers ranging from giant snook and redfish to the more subtle trout and the acrobatic ladyfish.
The ISR mission commander addresses his crew, discussing a plan to refine the coordinates of the potential ambushers.
But the ambushers eventually stopped firing and carried away their casualties under cover of darkness.
In other engagements, the M132 participated in convoys in which the devastating effect of the flamethrower was used against ambushers operating from within thick vegetation along roadsides.
The ambushers killed and mutilated their prisoners before dumping the corpses by the roadside.
Journalist Bob Reilly, a professor at the University of Nebraska who, during a sabbatical in Ireland in 1965, interviewed De Valera, two of Collins' alleged ambushers and a nephew of Collins, says he believes Collins' convoy simply stumbled on opposing forces in the midst of a civil war and drew fire.