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A language for linear programming problems in a materials processing and transportation network.

["AMBUSH - An Advanced Model Builder for Linear Programming", T.R. White et al, National Petroleum Refiners Assoc Comp Conf (Nov 1971)].



the positioning of an army unit or of partisans, prepared well in advance and thoroughly camouflaged, on the most probable route of advance of an enemy with a view to defeating the enemy with a sudden strike, capturing prisoners, and destroying combat equipment. The Russian word for ambush, zasada, denoted the garrison in the cities of the Russian state of the 16th and 17th centuries. The zasada was headed by a voevoda (military commander or governor).

What does it mean when you dream about an ambush?

An ambush is a surprise attack. Concretely, it may represent some unpleasant surprise or unanticipated turn for the worse in one’s life. If one was headed for a clear destination at the time of the ambush, it may represent a sense of being blocked. Ambushes may also be more general symbols of sudden loss and emotional upheaval.

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In this system was also registered the exclusivity of ambusher hunters, represented mainly by Thomisidae.
In all cases, ambushers have aimed to enhance their own brand equity, at the expense of official sponsors, by illegitimately associating their name with the positive brand equity of the target sport or event.
Morgan's analysis is more helpful as he defines association ambush as occurring "where the advertiser misleads the public into thinking that the ambusher is an authorised partner .
Unless, of course, your sucker is another fan of the press and has read Peyton Quinn's A Bouncer's Guide to Barroom Brawling: Dealing with the Sucker Puncher, Streetfighter, and Ambusher.
In such an instance the so-called ambusher is seeking a perfectly legitimate sponsorship opportunity in its own right.
Reston is pinned in place by his injured body; his ambusher moving swiftly to his right, both men shooting at each other the whole time.
The only problem is that the ambusher has not paid to gain the prestigious association and the effect is to diminish the investment and reduce the value of the rights of official sponsors, partners and licensees.
Assuming that all is now clear of danger, the crow returns to be shot by the hidden ambusher.
It is important that when you dismount, the force clears the area where an ambusher could hide prior to clearing the suspicious item, bridge, overpass, or sign.
For the ambusher, on the other hand, ambush marketing is an important commercial tool and a natural result of free competition.
An ambusher at the observation point was evidently supposed to alert the trigger man at the battery when vehicles were in the kill zone, but for some reason was not ready when the lead vehicle approached.
In grassland 70% of the spiders were hunters of either ambusher or running kind (Fig.