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Comparison of Limulus amebocyte lysate lest methods for endotoxin measurement in protein solutions.
Application of quartz tuning forks for detection of endotoxins and Gram-negative bacterial cells by monitoring of Limulus Amebocyte Lysate coagulation.
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There was no detectable endotoxin in the final viral preparations used in the experiments as determined by limulus amebocyte lysate assay (Cambrex, Walkersville, MD).
Endotoxin concentrations in the Pru p 3 samples, determined via chromogenic Limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) test (Charles River PTS LAL), were less than 0.12 pg/10 fig protein.
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The endotoxin concentration in the Ce[O.sub.2] NPs and saline used was quantified, as described by the manufacturer, by chromogenic Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (Pierce, Rockford, IL) test.
The lipopolysaccharide (LPS) content was found to be <0.5pg/mL using the Limulus amebocyte lysate test (COAMATIC Chromo LAL; Chromogenix, Falmouth, MA, USA).
In this report, the pyrogen testing market is categorized into three test segments in vitro pyrogen test, LAL (Limulus amebocyte lysate) test, and rabbit test.