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in the Islamic world
1. an independent ruler or chieftain
2. a military commander or governor
3. a descendant of Mohammed



in the countries of the Orient, a title for Muslim rulers equivalent to the title of prince. Until the adoption of Islam in the seventh century, the title emir was applied to military leaders; it was later used for Muslim rulers with secular and religious power, such as the emir of Bukhara and the emir of Afghanistan. The title is given to the sons of Arab monarchs in certain countries, including Saudi Arabia. The leaders of large groups of pilgrims to Mecca are also called emirs.

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The Naib Ameer said the Indian government's doggedness on Kashmir issue was destroying peace in the region, adding the Kashmiris' sacrifices would not go in waste.
A paddy grower of Pakha Shakh reached before Justice R Ameer Hani Muslim at Dadu canal and brought their grievance that owing to releasing drainage water into Pakha Shakh channel of Dadu canal they were infected in disease.
He said that this medical institution got good repute in the minimum time and there is no doubt that Ameer Uddin Medical College is producing the future leaders.
The JI KP chapter Ameer regretted that the recent Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) didn't represent the sentiments of Muslims on the sanctity of Baitul Muqdas, adding that it is part of our belief.
Ameer Muqam said that those who were joining PML-N would be considered an asset and they would be treated in a dignified manner.
Ameer rushed her to Mumbai's Tata Memorial, Asia's largest cancer treatment centre.
Ameer created a bone-like material by combining his antioxidant biomaterials with the calcium nanocrystals; he then embedded braided polyester fibers into it.
Ameer Ali Shihabdeen, is a former Parliamentarian and a former Minister of Disaster Relief Services, is a member of Vanni MP Rishad Bathiudeen's All Ceylon Muslim Congress in Eastern Provincial Council.
The Al Ameer School karate team was guided by their coach Lewis Tito and managed by Hashik.
Later, Ameer disappeared with cash and jewellery after claiming that he had shooting schedule in Australia.
I used to tell my husband, Ameer Makhoul, 'One day, they'll come for you.
40pm BST) GODOLPHIN'S Ameer, quoted in ante-post lists for next year's Derby, steps into Group company in France today in the race won 12 months ago by subsequent Classic winner Silver Frost, writes Desmond Stoneham.