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in the Islamic world
1. an independent ruler or chieftain
2. a military commander or governor
3. a descendant of Mohammed



in the countries of the Orient, a title for Muslim rulers equivalent to the title of prince. Until the adoption of Islam in the seventh century, the title emir was applied to military leaders; it was later used for Muslim rulers with secular and religious power, such as the emir of Bukhara and the emir of Afghanistan. The title is given to the sons of Arab monarchs in certain countries, including Saudi Arabia. The leaders of large groups of pilgrims to Mecca are also called emirs.

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Mr Al Ameer announced the appointment of Oppenheimer Investment Group, a global investment company, as an adviser to the Villamar and Villa Royal projects.
Ameer had stayed on after relatives fled Iraq's sectarian violence, living in a Shiite Muslim district and working for the Americans in the capital's heavily-fortified Green Zone.
1 -- 2) These photos show missing Tujunga children Elaine Hack, 8, and Ameer Hack, 4, above, with their baby sitter, Bertha Galvan, 63, left.
It is worth mentioning here that no member can hold position of Ameer twice in a row.
Later, JI district Ameer Mulana Jamaludin administered oath from the district Majlis Shora here at JI provincial headquarter Almarkazi Islami Peshawar on Saturday.
They told that Ali Ameer Gandapur had openly violated the partys manifesto and his negative action put a bad name to party across the country.
We had already said our goodbyes to our friends and family, got praises from our schools, left our schools, bought new clothes, made medical appointments, bought new gifts and we had even packed our bags," Ameer told the GDN.
Ameer Muqam paid tributes to Pak-Army on timely relief operation in Chitral.
The police did not found Dr Ameer Bakhsh at the hideout of the kidnappers," he said.
JI Ameer SirajulHaq while telephonic addressing to women section MajliseShura said our party wants to see Pakistan as a state free of poverty, inflation, unemployment and exploitation
Patients who take calcium channel blockers for high blood pressure can triple their blood levels of the drug by taking their pills with grapefruit juice, Ameer said.
Secretary information KP Israrullah Advocate in a press statement said the tenure of JI KP Ameer Professor Muhammad Ibrahim Khan was being expired on 31 Oct, 2015.