amelanchier canadensis

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Small shrubby tree up to 24 ft (8m) with berries that look and taste very much like blueberries. Lewis and Clark lived off juneberries when they travelled across and discovered America. Already ripe in the spring. They require no care to grow. Taste best fresh and raw. Leaves look like apple leaves. Small white apple-like 5-petal flowers that look like little white airplane propellers.
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At camps and carries: raspberry, Vaccinium Canadense (Canada blueberry), Prunus Penasylvanica, also along shore (wild red cherry), Amelanchier Canadensis (shad-bush), Sambucus pubens (red-berried elder).
This week's online offer is for Amelanchier Canadensis at pounds 2.49, which is half price.
3 Amelanchier canadensis is better value than most spring blossom trees.
Another favourite of mine is Amelanchier canadensis, which is covered in tiny white flowers throughout April and much of May and then turns delicious shades of orange and red in the autumn.