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in the Islamic world
1. an independent ruler or chieftain
2. a military commander or governor
3. a descendant of Mohammed



in the countries of the Orient, a title for Muslim rulers equivalent to the title of prince. Until the adoption of Islam in the seventh century, the title emir was applied to military leaders; it was later used for Muslim rulers with secular and religious power, such as the emir of Bukhara and the emir of Afghanistan. The title is given to the sons of Arab monarchs in certain countries, including Saudi Arabia. The leaders of large groups of pilgrims to Mecca are also called emirs.

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He was buzzing with excitement like he had hit the jackpot," Amir said.
Butt is also expected to meet Scotland Yard officials in a bid to expedite the case that saw Butt, Asif, Amir and Wahab Riaz interrogated.
It was an outrageous decision and it gives us more reason to wonder what we are doing with Amir in the amateurs' They are pushing us further and further away and the way things are going it (turning professional) will be sooner rather than later.
Amir cruised past Khazakstan's Serik Yeleuov, beating him easily over the four rounds to secure a place in the final and at least a silver medal.
Amir took up boxing after getting into trouble at school.
Cleaning up the hot spots immediately would not be effective because of the voluminous environmental documents that would have to be prepared and reviewed by the public for each cleanup project, Amir said.
Since only one PCB domestic event is to be played, Amir can play for our team if he is interested.
Mr Amir, who also possessed Australian citizenship, was serving as a Director in Mobilink telecom.
We had hope that Amir would be retried or released - and it was powerful.
The International Cricket Council (ICC) had imposed a five-year ban on all cricketing activities of Amir following the scandal.
Jordan was finally forced to put out a statement saying, "Alex has not left me, threatened to leave me or confronted me about my ex-husband, Amir Khan or any other man.
Amir is "extremely concerned and distressed" by the situation.