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in the Islamic world
1. an independent ruler or chieftain
2. a military commander or governor
3. a descendant of Mohammed



in the countries of the Orient, a title for Muslim rulers equivalent to the title of prince. Until the adoption of Islam in the seventh century, the title emir was applied to military leaders; it was later used for Muslim rulers with secular and religious power, such as the emir of Bukhara and the emir of Afghanistan. The title is given to the sons of Arab monarchs in certain countries, including Saudi Arabia. The leaders of large groups of pilgrims to Mecca are also called emirs.

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Weeks before, Amir and Faryal spoke openly about their love for one another in a newspaper.
In the new video, neither Amir's father nor mother mention Iran or the allegations against their son, but talk about Amir when he was a child and describe the effect his arrest has had on the family.
I was surprised I beat Amir so early but I have punching power so anything can happen.
The data was collected through primary and secondary methods, besides interviews, people's talks and the records about Elbeni Amir culture and traditions.
Lamaisah cheering him on and missing him a lot and I think that Amir is missing her a lot too.
Players and pundits have argued, Amir's overall capacity as a bowler, with some praising the fast bowler for his maturity, while others have called him 'unlucky' saying that Amir has lost his fast bowler flair.
Appeal plea filed by Rangers against MQM leader Amir Khan's bail came up for hearing before ATC Thursday.
LAHORE -- Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Amir has arrived for his mehndi.
Nouakchott, July 26 (BNA): Critical conditions, hazardous events and accelerating changes continue to undermine stability of the region and waste time and efforts at the expense of development, and realization peoples' expectations in the Arab countries, His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has stressed.