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All kinds of missiles to be thrown against an enemy.
Missiles not for direct use against an enemy, with such purposes as illumination, signaling, and decelerating.
A complete round and all its components, that is, the material required for firing a weapon such as a pistol.



articles of weaponry designed to hit enemy manpower, destroy his combat materiel, demolish fortifications and structures, and carry out other missions (illuminate the terrain, drop agitational literature). The action of most ammunition is based on the utilization of the energy given off by explosive substances, which causes the destruction (demolition, annihilation) of various targets.

Among the types of ammunition are nuclear ammunition; artillery rounds and infantry mortar rounds; rocket shells; rounds with rocket artillery projectiles, mines, and shells; antitank guided missiles; aerial bombs; rifle cartridges; hand and rifle grenades; explosive devices; charges of explosives; mines; naval mines; torpedoes; illumination and signal rounds; and others. Also included in ammunition are particular elements of the ammunition itself, such as fuses, powder charges, explosive charges, percussion caps and primer cups (fuses), blasting caps and detonators, igniters, cartridge cases, powder bags, and others.

Ammunition is delivered to the target by being projected from firearms (shells, mortar shells, rifle grenades, bullets), by means of various engines (rocket shell, torpedo), by being dropped on the target from an altitude (aerial bombs), or by being thrown by hand (the hand grenade). Some ammunition is set up on the ground or in the water (mines), and it acts (explodes) on contact with the target or when the target is in the ammunition’s zone of operations. There are types of ammunition (for example, mines) that are set up on the objective to be destroyed and explode after a predetermined time interval or upon a signal given by radio or wire. All ammunition is used just once. Particular elements of the ammunition are an exception; after repair, cartridge cases and the housings of primer cups can be used again.

Waging a battle involves large expenditures of ammunition. For example, in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–05, Russia expended 900,000 artillery rounds. During World War I (1914–18) about 65.3 million artillery rounds were manufactured at Russian plants and imported from abroad. In the Great Patriotic War, during 1943–44 alone, USSR industry manufactured 359 million shells, mines, and aerial bombs. Under current conditions, where the troops are highly saturated with automatic weapons that possess high rates of fire and where various new types of weapons are available, the amount of ammunition necessary to support a battle (or operation) rises sharply.

Necessary stocks of ammunition are established during peacetime, and some of them are used for troop combat training.


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The spokesperson said that the Rangers troops had an intelligence based information that the gangsters belonging to Uzair Baloch group of Lyari gangsters had dumped arms and ammunitions at an empty plot in Lyari to carry out terror activities, adding that reacting on information, the troops raided a plot and recovered arms and ammunitions.
The recovered arms and ammunitions included seven pistols, seven revolvers and dozens of ammunitions.
The Philippine government arsenal is planning to acquire more laser marking machines to be able to distinguish every round of small armed ammunition that they have produced.
The arsenal has acquired one laser marking machine after the Ampatuan massacre in 2009, where government ammunition were recovered from their residence in Maguindanao, chief of the strategic management office of the government arsenal Roger Gamban said in a statement.
Muscat, Jun 19 (ONA) The Ministry of Manpower signed an agreement with Oman Ammunitions Production Company for the training of 40 Omanis in the external training program in the field of ammunitions production.
The two agreements were signed by Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser al- Bakri, Minister of Manpower and Mohammed bin Nasser al- Rasbi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Defence and Chairman of Oman Ammunitions Production Company.
That's one of my four areas and then I have vehicle ammunition, aircraft ammunition, artillery and mortar ammunitions.
Between fiscal years 2000 and 2005, total requirements for small caliber ammunitions more than doubled, from about 730 million to nearly 1.
To improve the management of ground ammunitions and thus improve support to logisticians and operating forces in the field, the Marine Corps is developing several information systems that will increase the availability, timeliness, and accuracy of ammunition information.
Feuer said the increase of the gross receipts tax to $50 per $1,000 in sales of guns and ammunitions, would help the city recover $552,000 annually of the $35 million it spends each year sending police officers and paramedics on emergency calls involving gun violence.
Unfortunately, as a smaller ammunitions company, Triton was unable to produce the quantities of product that are necessary for the largest distributors and the government agencies.
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