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see soap plantsoap plant,
any of various plants having cleansing properties. A few are of commercial importance, but most soap plants are used locally, as in early times, for toilet and laundry purposes.
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Ashami and Amole, (2015) found that women who were aware of the physical health risks of FGM were less likely to continue the practice, with the main health-related fears being concern over contracting HIV, experiencing fistula and childbirth complications.
Written and directed by Amole Gupte, this film centres around a young boy, Arjun, and his journey towards being a champion skater.
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When a British Special Branch handler (Ben Kingsley) approaches him, offering money to inform against the IRA, he reluctantly accepts, believing his identity amole will never be exposed.
(5) During the sixth inning, Wilmington pitcher Doc Amole threw an explosive instead of a ball.
Amole (2005) examined coping strategies used by students in high-density living and found that decorating personal places, such as bedrooms, enables students to define their territory.
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At the girls' high school, the possibility that students might be lured to terror wasn't something they had previously considered, said Cherry Creek School District spokeswoman Tustin Amole. That's changed, and FBI officials spent the past week doing outreach, looking for friends who may have had similar intentions.
An incident involving a dead cop and a huge stash of unaccounted cash sets Bajirao after the godman Babaji ( Amole Gupte) and the politician Prakashrao ( Zakir Hussain).