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see soap plantsoap plant,
any of various plants having cleansing properties. A few are of commercial importance, but most soap plants are used locally, as in early times, for toilet and laundry purposes.
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Sujay and his team, along with Amole Gupte, recently met Saina Nehwal and her family at the Nehwal residence in Hyderabad and spent a warm afternoon with them.
Amole directs with a sure eye, while the screenplay [it holds you attentive for most parts] is far removed from frivolity attached to a majority of Hindi movies.
Se trata de 31 unidades lexicas: acocil, acocote, ahuaucle, abuehuete, ajolote, amole, ayacahuite, cajete, capulin, colote, chapopote, chiltepin, ejote, epazote, equipai, guaje, guajolote, jicote, jocote, mayate, molcajete, m ole, olote, otate, peyote, pinacate, tenamascle, tiza, tlacuache y totol.
Trish Amole, a registered nurse, (75) died in March 2013.
The purple amole Chlorogalum purpureum (Agavaceae) is a bulbous, perennial soap plant endemic to central California and listed as threatened under the U.
Barnabas T Alayande * MBBS, Isaac Olusayo Amole ** ([PSI]) FWACP and David Akin OlaOlorun ** FMCGP
The small firm: a neglected area of management in cowling A et, al, Behavioral sciences for Mangers Amole, 1988.
Amole Gupte's Stanley Ka Dabba / Sanjeevan Lal's Bubble Gum / Nila Panda's I Am Kalam
com 36 PARTHO Gupte, who shot to fame with his stellar performance as the wise but deprived Stanley in his father Amole Gupte's film Stanley Ka Dabba, has brought home the world's most prestigious award for a child actor.
1, features the Super AMOLE Screen Technology, advanced touch screen capabilities, Samsung 1 GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird Application Processor, and virtual QWERTY keyboard featuring SWYPE technology.
Back in 1990, when the great Gene Amole wrote the preceding passage about the then-new Denver International Airport, the economy was recovering from close to a decade of recession, and it was still in a shambles characterized by financial scandal, gyrating energy markets, and the near-collapse of lending, banking and real estate values.
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