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see soap plantsoap plant,
any of various plants having cleansing properties. A few are of commercial importance, but most soap plants are used locally, as in early times, for toilet and laundry purposes.
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Description: Construct a primary spillway gravity outfall pipe from the Amole Dam east through Navajo Elementary School and into the Isleta Drain.
One species, purple amole Chlorogalum purpureum, is listed as threatened under the U.
On one occasion, a sample from a 29-year-old woman who was concerned that amole on her thigh was itching and growing larger, later showed "superficial spreading malignant melanoma"-even though Dr Toth had ruled out the chance that the woman had cancer.
Friends said Fiona was diagnosed about a year ago after going to her GP to have amole on her back checked.
Several other researchers, including Amole (1989), Walters (1999) and Foster (2000) have supported this view.
The Florida Nurses Association has honored Indian River Community College assistant professor of nursing Carol Amole, MSN, RN, with the 2004 Nurse Excellence Recognition Award.
This gives families the option of removing a child from the classroom if they object, says spokesperson Tustin Amole.
two southern California plants, the purple amole (Chlorogalum purpureum var.
People should seek medicaladvice if they notice t hat amole changes shape, gets bigger,alters in colour (particularly getting darker or multi-shaded) bleeds or becomes itchy or painful.
That's what Denver Rocky Mountain News columnist Gene Amole, who passed away May 12, is among his Denver colleagues and fans throughout the city.
The amole plant - used by the Chumash Indians who once populated the area as soap, glue, shampoo and food - is the other marvel of the lakeshore, Taylor said.
to 66 inches) will complete the system in Tower, which reaches from west of Unser to the Amole del Norte Arroyo.