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amoretto, amorino

Same as cupid.

amorino, amoretto

A winged cherub.
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6) The speaker of the Amoretti and Epithalamion expresses profound anxiety about both his own desires and his beloved's responses, and he is especially uncomfortable with the human vulnerability and corruption that erotic desire uniquely manifests.
Press contact: Tel: F Amoretti, +352-26-27-69-1, press@europeanbusinessgames.
No doubt they derive from The Embarkation for Cythera of Watteau, whom Boucher revered, although Watteau's amoretti evanesce into the pervasive solar mists of his background.
Elegant and clear (if occasionally misty) in style, this book caps many years of scholarly reading and writing (to which the huge bibliography attests), years which resulted in Quitslund's justly famous Spenser articles, for example that in JWCI on Amoretti 8 and that in Silent But for the Word on patronage.
important edition of The Amoretti and Epithalamion follows on from
Just in time for summer, Amoretti is expanding its extraordinary variety of concentrates and bar mixers with a new line of naturally flavored, Premium Martini Mixes.
99 Pascal Amoretti (Daniel Auteuil) lives in the south of France and he is struggling to provide for his children.
Also included are five shorter writings, titled "Gleanings," on such topics as when Spenser read Tasso, Spenser and Greek romance, unlikely characters in Spenser's Britain Moniments, Spenser's "Clothes of Arras and of Toure," and Spenser's Amoretti and Elizabeth Boyle.
5oz) amoretti biscuits, a splash of Amaretto liqueur, 100g (3.
Its CEO, Fabien Amoretti, explains, "A Dutch funds promoter can very well use the site in his own language devoted solely to Italian portfolio managers, a Luxembourgish life insurance company can aim for European financial advisers, an English trader for investors in the Gulf, a Chinese banker can seek partners in the USA, etc.
He said the dish, Tobacco and Vanilla Delight, also includes coffee, cream and mascarpone cheese and is served on a bed of crushed Amoretti biscuits.
Commended in the AR Awards of 2003 for their extension to a Ligurian cemetery (AR December 2003), Aldo Amoretti and Marco Calvi impressed the jury with another project for a contemporary necropolis.