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amoretto, amorino

Same as cupid.

amorino, amoretto

A winged cherub.
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By now having forgotten every problem on earth, when I heard someone at a nearby table order that amoretto cake I felt like running over and congratulating her.
After all that, I found room for some cappuccino ice cream while Erika loved her raspberry and amoretto crme brulee.
There are lots of temptations on that specials list: roast pork with cranberry crouton stuffing and butternut squash for fall flavor, a Baked Atlantis Platter of seafood and toasted ravioli, cheese-filled and with snow peas and sun-dried tomatoes in Amoretto cream sauce.
And Chicken Disarrono featured the same very tender sauteed white meat strips with ziti in an amoretto cream sauce amid gorgonzola cheese topped with toasted almonds -- an almond infusion to the core.
You are invited to go to the display case rather than the impossible task of bringing to your table all the clever cupcakes and truffles (red velvet cake, carrot cake, amoretto, etc.), eclairs, cookies or canollis available for $2.50 or less.