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A crystalloblastic metamorphic rock composed mainly of amphibole and plagioclase; quartz may be present in small quantities.
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a schistose metamorphic rock composed chiefly of alumina-bearing amphibole (hornblende) and plagiociase; sometimes contains granite. Amphibolite is formed from various matrices subjected to profound metamorphism sometimes accompanied by metasomatism and the introduction of silica, magnesium, and iron. Some black varieties of amphibolite are used as industrial gems and ashlars.

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9) after Le Maitre et al (1989).This shows that the amphibole schist of Ibadan area have a distinct petrogenetic character from most of the amphibolitic rocks of the basement complex of Nigeria which are mostly tholeiitic with Archean metabasalt affinity (Ajayi, 1980; Elueze, 1980; Okonkwo, 1992; Okunlola and Elueze, 2003; Okunlola, 2006)
Prehnite occurs at La Combe de la Selle in isolated and intergrown crystals to 5 cm on amphibolitic matrix.
Pyrite is common in the alpine veins, usually as isolated, slightly altered cubic crystals to 1 cm in the amphibolitic wall-rock.
The formation of vanadinite is attributed to the supergene alteration of galena in combination with groundwater leaching of vanadium from the neighboring amphibolitic country rocks.
The local series is composed of the metamorphic rocks, mostly sericite-phyllites, chloritic and amphibolitic schists.