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an ancient Greek or Roman two-handled narrow-necked jar for oil, wine, etc.



an ancient vessel made of clay, more rarely of metal, with a wide top, a narrow neck, and two handles.

Amphoras, used to store and transport wine and oil, sometimes served as banquet vessels. Amphoras were often decorated with paintings. Artistically, the amphoras of the archaic and classical periods created by the Greeks Ex-ekias, Amasis, Andokides, Duris, and Polygnotos I are the most interesting. Amphoras were also made in the Middle Ages, particularly in tenth-and 12th-century Kievan Rus’.

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Peacock & Williams (1986: 50) refer to sealing a cork in place in the mouth of Roman amphora with 'mortar of the simple lime-sand composition or sometimes of the pozzolana variety'.
There is a useful set of resources in Appendices 1-5 which list significant publications (and the page references) for each amphora type according to geographical region.
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Despite having the largest collection of imported Roman amphora sherds of any Early Historic site in India, no torpedo jars have been positively identified from Arikamedu.
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What remains a mystery, according to the researchers, is how the Lesbian amphora arrived at Tel Qudadi in the first place.
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10 (ANI): Archaeological remains like shards of Roman amphora have recently been dug up from Pattanam near Kochi, close to the ancient port town Muziris, known locally as Kdoungallur.
Tsiaras' amphora are non-utilitarian sculptures that seem to embody the mystique and enchantment tha surround the origins of art.