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an ancient Greek or Roman two-handled narrow-necked jar for oil, wine, etc.



an ancient vessel made of clay, more rarely of metal, with a wide top, a narrow neck, and two handles.

Amphoras, used to store and transport wine and oil, sometimes served as banquet vessels. Amphoras were often decorated with paintings. Artistically, the amphoras of the archaic and classical periods created by the Greeks Ex-ekias, Amasis, Andokides, Duris, and Polygnotos I are the most interesting. Amphoras were also made in the Middle Ages, particularly in tenth-and 12th-century Kievan Rus’.

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The amphorae have now been offered to the Ankara Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.
The samples came from Etruscan amphorae dated to around 525 to 475 B.
Figure 1 shows the location of the three wine amphorae in Tutankhamun's burial chamber.
Different people in different areas and in different times had their own style of ceramic amphorae that you can discern at a glance--they way you can discern a Heinz ketchup bottle from a Coke bottle," Foley said.
It could be that, as the amphorae were semi-porous, it is due to some of the wine seeping through to the exterior (Curtis, 2001), but this does not sit entirely comfortably alongside evidence that at least some Egyptian amphorae had their inner surface sealed with resins precisely to stop such seepage of product (Darby et al.
Among the items are kitchen and other household wares, fine bronze vessels, two heavy lead anchor pieces and at least eight different types of amphorae intended for storing wine, olive oil, fish sauce and preserved fruit, McCann said.
Pottery of different categories, such as fine wares, plain wares, cooking ware and transport amphorae, some of which bore stamps, were found.
In another incident, Putin was shown scuba diving and bringing up fragments of ancient Greek amphorae.
the Mediterranean and Black seas were major thoroughfares for ships loaded with thousands of curvaceous jars known as amphorae, thought from their shape to contain a drink made from fermented grape juice.
Their topics include Sinop as a frontier city in Seljuq and Mongol Anatolia, an overview of the second millennium BC and Iron Age cultures of the province Sinop in the light of new research, four ships of late antiquity in the Black Sea, Sinopean amphorae of the Roman period, Sinope as a trading and cultural agent in Thrace during the classical and early Hellenistic periods, and Sinopian imports on the Black Sea littoral of South-West Georgia.
In an interview with internet channel, TV Dozhd, the Prime Minister's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: "Look, Putin did not on that day, find the amphorae which had been lying there for thousands of years.
While the manufacture and prime uses of ceramics occupy 27 pages, 131 describe reuse of amphorae (just 15 cover the reuse of other categories).