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Along with mpl, the intrinsic parallel languages for MasPar's computers. AMPL and mpl are parallel variants of C. Ampl is actually now a gcc port.

["AMPL: Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Multiprocessing Language", R. Dannenberg, CMU 1981].

["Loglan Implementation of the AMPL Message Passing System", J. Milewski SIGPLAN Notices 19(9):21-29 (Sept 1984)].

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In a launcher loaded with a six-pig AMPL system, there would be a requirement for 60 site visits to reload the cassette.
An example: Consider a 24-inch pipeline with a six-pig AMPL system running at 1,000 psi, and a requirement for daily pigging.
Each AMPL system is custom-designed to meet the specifications and requirements of the pipeline.
The AMPL pigs are armed by utilizing the pipeline pressure within the launcher to close off the bypass.
The AMPL system has been tested in both liquid and gas systems
To better understand the hydraulic behavior of the AMPL pigs and provide the basis for future engineering tools, computational flow dynamic (CFD) models are used to optimize the system design (Figure 2 shows typical outputs).
This theoretical approach has been applied to the AMPL pigs under compressible and non-compressible pipeline flow.
The example shown in Figure 3 is a 6-inch AMPL pig which required a differential pressure to launch of 1.
The AMPL cassette design has dedicated flow ports upstream and downstream of the loaded pig train to intentionally split pipeline flow over the pigs / through the pigs.
Following up from the development of the AMPL system and a production trial at a UK test facility, the first commercial project was completed in the U.