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Figure 1 shows the number of skills acquired per semester for each of the three skill areas, with and without the amplification system.
The lowest number of input transcript molecules that could be well detected and quantified after amplification determined the detection limit of the amplification system.
In this study the necessity of setting up the classroom amplification system between classes precluded extensive adjustment of speaker position to achieve optimum performance.
6 percent between 1998 and 2000, when sound field amplification systems were installed in all K-5 classrooms in the district.
0, which corresponded to 'no change' as a result of installing the sound-field amplification system.
We show here that the tyramide amplification system dramatically enhances the performance of protein microarray assays.
As in the artist's other "Videodrone" works, incoming signals were run through a digital amplification system that translates light into sound--here, according to a system that resulted in a dirgelike sound track.
A headset microphone and amplification system ensured that her words were audible in the back of the open-air Jeep as it bounced down country roads.
Global leader in assay solutions releases signal amplification system to improve sensitivity in automated detection of cellular events to speed disease and therapeutic research
Creative Biomart has developed a comprehensive range of biosimilar stable cell lines based on its proprietary gene screening and amplification system.
Requests for Berlin Elementary School include $6,000 for classroom door locks and repairs to exterior doors, $6,000 for gymnasium bleacher repairs, $6,500 for air conditioning for the Teledata Center, $6,000 for playground drainage, $8,000 for a soundfield amplification system, $15,000 for computer equipment, and an undetermined amount to hire a custodian.
She spoke in a voice so soft that prosecutor Rex Wild QC several times had to ask her to speak up, despite the high-tech court's amplification system.