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However, for the amputee analysis the muscles on the lower part of the model were excluded from the equations and the movement was imposed on a much lighter lower limb in order to simulate the presence of a transtibial prosthetics device for the next part.
Charity Finding Your Feet, who support amputees, got in touch with Terrain Hopper, who have donated a four-wheel drive mobility vehicle for Alan's challenge.
He said: "We want to highlight the sport and let people know there's a pathway for people with a love for football if they are an amputee.
Dog Quality's Washable Wonders[TM] Amputee Dog Diapers are most needed for dogs that have a rear leg amputation who are incontinent either due to paralysis or as a result of age.
By doing this, they pay tribute to the sacrifices of the war amputee veterans who started the Association and remember all who have served.
Australia's Scott Reardon, a single leg above knee amputee who won the 100m on Monday, has lobbied for double above knee amputees to compete separately due to the circular motion of their running style.
For this reason we conducted this study with studies based on upper extremity amputee rehabilitation published within last 10 years.
In order to maintain the balance of amputees, prostheses are products that seek to return the amputee integrity of the anatomical and functional elements.
That same night, Wise was given the prognosis that she was about to become an above-the-knee amputee.
The independent variables incorporated marriage at the time of injury, level of education, employment status for both caregiver and amputee, history of hospitalization, and mental health problems in the amputees.
With nine amputees on board-Al Fernandez, Reymond Ilagan, Joy Habana, Wilbert Ang, Mon Anievas, Manny Lobrigo, Jeff Byteng, Mel Santos and Lhea Medrano-the team set the national record for most number of amputee-participants in a major climb.
Lesley Lister, managing director at Tyne Tees Models, said she had high hopes for Lyndon, who is the first quadruple amputee she has represented.