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dextrin, amylin, starch gum

A starch-like compound having strong adhesive properties; an amorphous, odorless, sweetish-tasting, white, water-soluble gum; used as a wallpaper adhesive.
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To better characterize the effects of metabolic factors on sRAGE pathophysiology in AD, all participants were stratified by the following factors: T2DM diagnosis, FGS as determined by ADA criteria, obesity by BMI according to the WHO, median insulin, median amylin, median HOMA-IR, and median fat mass.
Prior to being named president and chief executive officer, Bradbury held positions of increasing responsibility at Amylin since 1994, including president (2006 2007), chief operating officer (2003 2006) and executive vice president (2000 2003).
Chuang et al., "The pathogenic mechanism of diabetes varies with the degree of overexpression and oligomerization of human amylin in the pancreatic islet ft cells," The FASEB Journal, vol.
Antinociceptive effects of Amylin on visceral pain are shown to be inhibited by the Amylin antagonist, Salmon [calcitonin.sub.8-32].
Surprisingly, injections of amylin or pramlintide into the AD models reduced the amyloid burden as well as lowered the concentrations of amyloid-beta peptides (AB), a major component of AD in the brain, Qiu explained.
The deal was closed after Bristol-Myers Squibb completed its USD31.00 per share tender offer for the Amylin stock on Wednesday and implemented a short-term merger the same day for the Amylin shares not tendered to the bid, it said.
The takeover of Amylin follows the trend of pharmaceutical companies that acquire biotech companies to benefit from growing medical needs, offset patent losses and boost their internal pipeline productivity.
Amylin also has a once-weekly follow-on to Byetta called Bydureon.
In addition, new classes of therapies for managing post meal plasma glucose in people with diabetes (amylin analogs, glucagons-like peptide-1 [GLP-1] derivatives, dipeptidy 1 peptidase 4 [DPP-4] inhibitors) have shown significant benefits in reducing post-meal plasma glucose excursions and lowering HbA1c.
Analysts had projected annual sales of more than $1 billion for Bydureon, a once-weekly version of Lilly and Amylin's widely used Byetta treatment for Type II diabetes.
Amylin is a normal secretory product of pancreatic beta cells, and it plays an important role in controlling nutrient fluctuations.
They address the roles of amylin, enterocytes, gene-environment interactions, neural networks and circuits, the blood-brain barrier, leptin and insulin, the brainstem, and functional neuroimaging studies in food reward, eating and meal size control, appetite, regulation, fat storage, obesity, satiation, and brain development.