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Additionally, beside the grade of the hemorrhoidal disease, the number of involved quadrants of the anal canal and their role in the development of complications is also evaluated.
Digital stimulation is performed by inserting a finger in the anal canal and moving it in a circular motion to stretch the walls of the canal (Paris et al.
An anal mass was palpated on physical examination, so the patient underwent endoscopic evaluation, which confirmed a large ulcerated, multilobular anal canal mass and also documented concomitant proctitis.
HPV-16 detected in the anal canal was linked to 16-fold higher odds of high-grade anal lesions.
Only by intraoperative injection of methylene blue dye along with hydrogen peroxide revealed its communication with anal canal.
Condylomas (warts) develop just outside the anus and in the lower anal canal.
In the new procedure, a gel is given through four injections into the wall of the anal canal.
Chronic tension in the internal anal sphincter -- the muscular ring that surrounds the anal canal -- is often an underlying factor because it reduces blood flow to the region.
Any abnormality palpable in the anal canal must be regarded as cancer until proven otherwise.
After completion of surgery, a piece of small gauze soaked in lignocaine jelly was used to pack the anal canal lightly in all the patients and the wound was covered with a T-bandage.
There is severe damage to the anal canal," said Dr MC Misra, chief, AIIMS trauma centre.
They are located in the upper anal canal, from the dentate line to the anorectal ring.