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(sometimes US), analog
a. a physical object or quantity, such as a pointer on a dial or a voltage, used to measure or represent another quantity
b. (as modifier): analogue watch
2. Biology an analogous part or organ
3. Chem
a. an organic chemical compound related to another by substitution of hydrogen atoms with alkyl groups
b. an organic compound that is similar in structure to another organic compound


A compound whose structure is similar to that of another compound but whose composition differs by one element.
(food engineering)
A meat-substitute food manufactured from vegetable ingredients, such as soybeans.
A physical variable which remains similar to another variable insofar as the proportional relationships are the same over some specified range; for example, a temperature may be represented by a voltage which is its analog.
Pertaining to devices, data, circuits, or systems that operate with variables which are represented by continuously measured voltages or other quantities.
A past large-scale synoptic weather pattern which resembles a given (usually current) situation in its essential characteristics.


American spelling of analogue.


A representation of an object that resembles the original. Analog devices monitor conditions, such as movement, temperature and sound, and convert them into analogous electronic or mechanical patterns. For example, an analog watch represents the planet's rotation with the rotating hands on the watch face. Telephones turn voice vibrations into electrical vibrations of the same shape. Analog implies a continuous signal in contrast with digital, which breaks everything into numbers. Analog video cameras scan their viewing area a line at a time and convert the infinitely varying intensities of red, green and blue (RGB) light into analogous electrical signals. See sampling.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Analog Recording
Audio and video have been analog since the beginning of radio and TV and the first magnetic recording. While the industry is almost entirely digital today, analog is still around in the form of AM/FM radio, audio cassettes and VHS tapes.

The ability to capture the subtle nature of the real world is the advantage of analog techniques. It takes huge digital capacities and bandwidth to match the granularity of many analog systems.

Analog Deteriorates When Copied
Once recorded, analog equipment, no matter how modern, cannot copy signals perfectly. Third and fourth generations of analog audio and video recordings show marked deterioration.

In contrast, by recording in digital from the beginning, or by converting from analog to digital at an early stage, audio and video data can be preserved indefinitely and copied over and over without deterioration. This fact has caused music and movie publishers much anguish and has always been a problem for software publishers. See copyright, DRM, peer-to-peer network and A/D converter.

Analog Concepts
There are many analog systems in the world such as analog telephones that turn sound waves into electrical waves.

Analog Radio
In AM/FM radio, the original sound waves are maintained as analogous electrical waves throughout the entire chain from recording microphone to the listener's speakers. The analog waves are transmitted over the air in the radio station's carrier frequency.
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