analog-to-digital conversion

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analog-to-digital or A/D conversion,

the process of changing continuously varying data, such as voltage, current, or shaft rotation, into discrete digital quantities that represent the magnitude of the data compared to a standard or reference at the moment the conversion is made. There are two types of converters: electromechanical—also called shaft- or position-to-digital—and electronic. The most common use is to change analog signals into a form that can be manipulated by a digital computercomputer,
device capable of performing a series of arithmetic or logical operations. A computer is distinguished from a calculating machine, such as an electronic calculator, by being able to store a computer program (so that it can repeat its operations and make logical
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, as in data communications; a modemmodem
[modulator/demodulator], an external device or internal electronic circuitry used to transmit and receive digital data over a communications line normally used for analog signals.
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, or data set, is a device that converts the digital signals produced by computers and terminals into analog signals that telephone circuits are designed to carry and then back to digital signals at the other end of the communication link. Similarly, in digital sound recording, audio signals are transformed into digital data, which are then recorded on a magnetic or optical disk or tape; the digitized data on the recording medium then must be changed back into the analog sound signals that can be used by a stereophonic sound system. See also digital-to-analog conversiondigital-to-analog or D/A conversion,
the process of changing discrete digital data into a continuously varying signal in relation to a standard or reference.
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See M. J. Demler, High-Speed Analog-to-Digital Conversion (1991); K. M. Daugherty, Analog-to-Digital Conversion: A Practical Approach (1995).

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High-Res Audio retains far more detail during the analog-to-digital conversion process, allowing listeners to experience music as artists originally intended.
With this alliance, we believe we are offering our customers the assurance that they are working with the premier global provider of analog-to-digital conversion services.
Additionally, with the device's onboard PGA, users can select the gains of x1, x2, x4 or x8 before the analog-to-digital conversion takes place, enabling very high-resolution conversion of even small input signals.
It allows a host computer to connect directly to an external DFP monitor over several meters of cable without the need for analog-to-digital conversion.
Up to eight 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Conversion channels
PIC18F4523 Family Removes Cost and Complexity of External ADC in Advanced Sensor Designs That Require Higher-Resolution Analog-to-Digital Conversion