analysis situs

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analysis situs:

see topologytopology,
branch of mathematics, formerly known as analysis situs, that studies patterns of geometric figures involving position and relative position without regard to size.
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The self-organizing mapping is competitive learning-based single-layer neural network model, it while to the data carries on the vector quantization can also realize to the non-linear dimensionality reduction mapping of data, this mapping has the fine characteristics that the analysis situs maintains, thus causes this algorithm is not only often used to carry on the cluster to the mass data, but can also be used to carry on the study and visualization to the high dimensional data intrinsic lower-dimensional non-linear manifold structure.
Introduced by Leibniz (de Risi, 2007), the term analysis situs was commonly used until the early 20th century, when through the contributions of Henri Poincare, David Hilbert or Hermann Weyl, and especially Luitzen Brouwer, the formal establishment of topology as a branch of mathematics met full recognition (Ferreiros, 2010a).

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