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A surgical communication made between blood vessels, for example, between the portal vein and the inferior vena cava.
An opening created by surgery, trauma, or disease between two or more normally separate spaces or organs.
(science and technology)
The union or intercommunication of parts or branches, such as blood vessels, streams, or leaf veins. Also known as inosculation.
A network of parts or branches created by the process of anastomosis.



in animals, connections between nerves, muscles, and blood or lymphatic vessels. Anastomoses between arteries and veins, without the formation of capillary networks—that is, arteriovenous anastomoses—are of importance in regulating the blood supply of organs. In clinical practice, anastomosis is the name given to a connection between tubular organs which is artificial or has arisen as a consequence of disease. In higher plants, anastomosis is the connecting of tubular structures—for example, veins in leaves and branchings of latex vessels. In fungi, anastomosis is the connecting or concresence of two mycelium hyphae with the establishing of intercommunication between them. This occurs with an insufficiency of food and plays a role in the formation of diploid mycelium and the heterokaryon of haploid mycelium, since the cell nuclei move from one cell into another through the anastomoses.

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Of the indicators observed postoperatively, no patients in Group A suffered from anastomotic leakage, whereas seven cases of anastomotic leakage occurred in Group B, including six patients who were cured after peritoneal lavage and drainage, antibiotic, jejunitis, and parenteral alimentation therapies.
As it is often difficult to control or hold the scope in cases with lesions in the small intestine or at the anastomotic site, the rate of scope passage was expected to be low in our cases.
3) The published rate of uretero-ileal anastomotic stricture after urinary diversion in the literature varies from 1.
Among the various anastomotic techniques applied for end-to-end intestinal anastomosis, complications were reported to occur with the same frequency with both, the conventional hand-sewn method and stapled suturing technique, as reported by Lusota et al.
The commonest complication in all the three groups was anastomotic leak found in 3(9.
8) The higher incidence of anastomotic leakage in the control group may be caused by adverse effects of neoadjuvant radiotherapy on our colorectal anastomosis.
To ascertain the contribution of anastomotic leakage to post-operative morbidity and mortality in patients undergoing small bowel surgery.
Host of minor and major complications, including anastomotic leak, wound infection, obstruction, wound dehiscence and incisional hernia, are associated with it.
Anastomotic leakage after esophageal atresia repair is one of the most severe and common complications.
It can also reduce scar formation and anastomotic stricture development, and has been recommended as an ideal suture for bile duct reconstruction as a non absorbable suture.
Subsequently, he underwent hepatic artery angiogram (day 21), which showed critical anastomotic stenosis of the replaced common hepatic artery that arose directly off the aorta.
It will result in accumulation of gasses and secretion, resulting in nausea, vomiting, aggravation of ileus, with consequent complications related to lung, wound, anastomotic site and sepsis.