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The brown, dark-blue, or black tetragonal crystalline form of titanium dioxide, TiO2; used to make a white pigment. Also known as octahedrite.



a mineral, one of the three natural polymorphous modifications of titanium dioxide. The mineral crystallizes in a tetragonal system. Its hardness on the mineralogical scale is 5.5–6.0; its density is 3,820–3, 950 kg per cu m. Anatase contains impurities of iron, sometimes tin, and niobium (up to 2.16 percent Nb2O5). It forms small (up to 1 cm), sharp dipyramidal crystals, as well as crystals of plate and prismatic form. Its cleavage is good and in several directions. The color of anatase is greenish yellow to brownish (wiserine) or bluish gray to almost black. It has a bright, diamondlike luster. Upon heating to 620–650°C, anatase changes into rutile. Anatase is found in hydrothermal, crystal-bearing veins of a particular “alpine” type, in metamorphic rock, in placers, and as a product of ilmenite breakdown.

titanium dioxide

A white pigment having a very high opacity; used in paints; occurs in two crystalline forms, anatase and rutile, of which the latter has higher opacity.
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The FE-SEM micrographs show that the fibres were successfully coated with anatase nanoparticles.
The market in the anatase segment is expected to witness high growth rate during the forecast period because of the increasing demand for the anatase grade of titanium dioxide for paints and coatings applications for the construction industry.
In case of T-HAP nanopowders, fluctuation in lattice parameters of HAP and anatase Ti[O.
35 nm, corresponding to the lattice distance of anatase (101) planes, which further confirms the anatase crystalline phase of the nanotubular titania product.
In general, anatase has significantly greater photoactivity than rutile, the other well-known Ti[O.
Rutile and anatase are the two most important crystalline structures of Ti[O.
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You can appreciate four Raman peaks of anatase phase which are to 145.