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The same size serving also contains 24.75 calories and because Anchor Light is made from real dairy cream, you'll be able to have a can - and canoodle with your loved one.
As darkness moved in we noted what is becoming a disturbing trend among international cruising sailors: red flashing anchor lights. An increasing number of yacht owners think this makes them safer when at anchor, yet the Prevention of Collisions at Sea regs state categorically: "A vessel at anchor must display an all-round white light".
The search for a way to run anchor lights without draining his sailboat's battery led Carmanah founder Dr David Green to develop integrated, solar-powered LED lighting.
The facts showed that the Biloxi Belle was constructed without propulsion engines, rudders, running or anchor lights, or navigational equipment.
Based on the statements of the boat captain and engineer, they displayed their anchor lights and white flashing light in compliance with Colreg.
Once installed, each receiver acts as a sturdy base for a dynamic range of accessories, including champagne flute holders, swim ladders, anchor lights, TV mounts, bait boards and rod holders.
Tenders are invited for Repairs/Replacement Of Anchor Lights & Othe Rallied Works At Inhs Asvini, Colaba, Mumbai-05
Make sure your safety equipment is up to snuff, that you have working bow and anchor lights and that your VHF and cell are in good order.