anchor line

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anchor cable

A cable or line, one end of which is held in a fixed position.
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You watch the Navionics app on your phone as you approach different structures, anchoring and fishing, letting out more anchor line to cover more stuff downwind, lifting anchor and letting the wind push you silently to the next spot.
Anchor Line Partners, LLC is a multi-faceted investment firm focusing on value-add commercial real estate assets.
He ties his anchor line to a decoy, so that when he has to pick up a downed duck or goose, he can untie the rope from the boat quickly.
A witness reported seeing the small watercraft become entangled in its anchor line and overturn, tossing the boaters into the water.
The double-wave design is highlighted by special soft LED Infiniti EV Blue lighting that flows in two waves from front to back, while the centre console forms a strong anchor line that penetrates the interior space.
RPM Direct's new anchor line "Insurance Marketing Specialists" and tagline "Delivering Profitable Customers" reinforces their unique standing in the industry.
Calculate the amount of anchor line you need to let out.
The picture gets worse for not only is the ship slowed by the dragging anchor but the ship actually begins to go in circles as the anchor line tied to the rock holds the ship from moving out of the harbour.
The coiled anchor line was investment cast in aluminum directly from 1.25-in.
Once everyone is gathered at the anchor line, we release air from our buoyancy vests and slowly slip under the surface.
In 1935 the company acquired a controlling interest in the famous Anchor Line which had been previously owned by Cunard.