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3) Disconnectable Turret: Anchorage system which enables the FPSO to be detached and towed away in the event of an approaching hurricane.
Tenders are invited for Establishment Of Infrastructure Facilities For Luh Ground Test Vehicle Gtv Comprising Of Peb Moving Shelter Safety Fence Anchorage System And Control Room Works At Rwr And Dc Hal Dc Including Civil Peb And Electrical Services
Following comprehensive environmental and geotechnical assessments, the SunStar has been installed using an innovative ground anchorage system rather than conventional concrete foundation bases.
A small sample of specific topics: fracture energy analysis of eco-concretes in Japan, theoretical assessment of FRP tendon wedge anchorage system, and infrared spectrum study of autoclaved systems with solid wastes.
The North Dakota Army National Guard's 957th Engineer Company (Multirole Bridge) was the first Army unit to train on a new bridge anchorage system in a fully operational scenario.
In Alaska, in 2008, 3,311 were homeless, according to statistics put out by the Alaska Justice Forum, which is part of the University of Alaska Anchorage system.
But prosecutors said he never produced any proper calculations or tests to ensure a safe design and anchorage system could be identified and he never had the structure assessed by a qualified engineer.
The anchorage system on the artwork was "a disaster waiting to happen" the court heard.
Cintec, which was on the trade mission I led to India last month, is a small but extremely innovative company and probably better known for its unique anchorage system that is used to strengthen and preserve ancient monuments and iconic structures around the world.
We say in our editorial, "For this issue we have let go our usual anchorage system in order to loosen our control on the point of arrival.
The cost for a pontoon facility providing spaces for 20 average sized vessels is estimated at pounds 80,000 and this will include an anchorage system.
You may not have a choice; most new child-safety seats will be equipped with not only top tethers but a lower anchorage system as well.
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