ancient light

ancient light (Brit.)

A window which is legally entitled to the continuous access to light by virtue of having had continuous access to light for many years in the past.
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A small library was established with its collection of "somewhat ancient light literature" and tennis courts were constructed.
Like Mendieta, Poder often employs physical imprints on materials that in one way or another refer to the body--for instance, pieces of clothing in works such as Space for My Body, 1995; Ancient Light, 1995; and Pattern as Sign.
But along with the fireworks of the heavier steam engines slogging through the mountains near the Arkansas border on the Kansas City Southern or climbing Raton Pass in New Mexico on the Santa Fe, George's photographs also record humbler fare, such as the short trains of the Frisco and Katy piloted by ancient light steamers, and the final years of that state's interurban lines.
Planck's result, reported in a paper published online May 10 at, is based on measurements of the cosmic microwave background radiation, ancient light that originated just 380,000 years after the Big Bang.
Toward stars blazing ancient light through a night cold and clear.
Between 2009 and 2013, Planck surveyed the sky to study this ancient light in unprecedented detail.
From the desolation of the South Pole, where the sky is clear, a telescope scanned a small slice of the heavens for faint, ancient light. The three-year study brought scientists the earliest evidence yet of that early universe's inflation.
"Our team hunted for a special type of polarization called B-modes, which represents a twisting or curl pattern in the polarized orientations of the ancient light," said co-leader Jamie Bock.
Measurements of this ancient light have already given physicists a wealth of knowledge about the properties of the universe.
PARIS -- A new, detailed map of the most ancient light in the cosmos has revealed our Universe to be about 80 million years older than thought, the European Space Agency (ESA) said Thursday.
In addition to her long list of impressive credentials and accomplishments, Rouse is also the former owner of Ancient Light Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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