and set

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render, float, and set

Three-coat plastering executed directly on stone or brick.
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Bert fell back upon imprecations, then he went up to the shed, cursorily examined the possibility of a flank attack, put his gun handy, and set to work, with a convulsive listening pause before each mouthful on the Prince's plate of corned beef.
it isn't three weeks ago I first set eyes on 'im, and then 'e was smart and set up--'ands full of 'air-brushes and things, and swearin' at me.
Although it won't have ands in stitches at every turn, Irish comic horror pic "Stitches" gets decent mileage out of a scuzzy clown who returns from the dead and sets about getting the last laugh on the rotten kids responsible for sending him to an early grave.