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andron, andronitis

1. In ancient Greece, the part of a building used by men, esp. the banquet room.
2. A passage beside the tablinum in a Roman house.
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CSCB ended its previous soft service contract with its former service partners early, resulting in Andron being tasked with a quick implementation following the contract award.
In this study of the French Canadian writer Gabrielle Roy, Marie-Pierre Andron considers successively the body of the mother (obese, debilitated, prematurely aged), the body of the young woman (gracile for as long as it is chaste, constantly subject to almost intolerable temptations), the couple (in which the man conserves a youthfulness denied to his spouse, but is in many ways a negligible quantity, detectable mainly through his progeniture), and lastly those things (art and nature) through which carnal lusts may be sublimated, and which are often described by means of erotic imagery.