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The researchers also found correlated activity among three parts of the outer brain layer, or cortex, in the anesthetized animals.
An anesthetized pig is very different from a human being in dread of electrocution.
Young patients in the past were usually required to wear a Gamma Knife head frame, and had to remain anesthetized during the entire, often day-long, procedure.
In the August issue of Annals of Surgery, Nicholas Tilney, MD of Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, MA and colleagues report on experiments in which rats received kidney transplants from either brain-dead donors, normal anesthetized donors, or ventilated anesthetized donors.
David Fincher's provocative film works on the premise that in a world where we have been anesthetized by consumerism (``The things you own end up owning you''), you need the .
The technique of intraosseous anesthesia is one whereby teeth are anesthetized by making a tiny perforation in the cortical bone in order to allow anesthetic solution to be injected directly into the cancellous bone spaces around the tooth.
Trimetazidine at a dose of 1 mg/kg completely abolished CFRs caused by accumulating thrombus in the circumflex coronary artery in 4 of 8 open-chest anesthetized beagles.
His team anesthetized infant pigs and then removed parts of their brains, leaving the animals comatose and unable to feel pain.