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Tomita, "Congenital saccular aneurysm of the superior vena cava," The Japanese Journal of Surgery, vol.
Other reports have mentioned Takayasu's and Marfan's disease as a cause for this presentation (14,15) There was a case of a paediatric patient with a common carotid artery aneurysm secondary to fungal infection following extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (16).
Depending on the shape: saccular aneurysm, fusiform aneurysm
Image-2) His trans-thoracic echocardiography revealed degenerative aortic and mitral valve disease with mild aortic regurgitation and mild mitral regurgitation with dilated aortic aneurysm.
Patients who were diagnosed to have bilateral MCA aneurysms underwent surgery for the ruptured aneurysm first followed by surgery for the other MCA aneurysm in another sitting.
A cranial Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) was performed and, to our surprise, showed a heterogeneous signal lesion, suggesting a totally thrombosed giant aneurysm in the P2 segment of the left PCA, with PCA occlusion at P2 segment (Figure 3).
Venous aneurysm was first described in the literature by Harris in 1928.
2,3 Recognition of aneurysm mimics is crucial to triage patients for the appropriate treatment.
Brain aneurysm has been in the health spotlight lately since it claimed the life of 41-year-old actress Isabel Granada.
The patient's previous medical history revealed that it was not the first attack, as she had been treated before for rupture of the aneurysm at division of the basilar artery (BA) followed by SAH and intracerebral hematoma in the region of the right thalamus, when embolization of the ruptured aneurysm had been performed.
Digital subtraction angiography (DSA, April 22, 2015) demonstrated a 2 mm x 3 mm fusiform aneurysm with a visualized 0.
Arterial phase computed tomography showed a large contained rupture of a left common iliac artery aneurysm with fistulous connection to the left common iliac vein (Figure 2).