angle block

angle block

[′aŋ·gəl ‚bläk]
A small block of wood used to fasten adjacent pieces, usually at right angles, or glued into the corner of a wooden frame to stiffen it. Also known as glue block.
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific & Technical Terms, 6E, Copyright © 2003 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

angle block, glue block

A small block of wood, triangular in cross section, which is used to stiffen two intersecting pieces of wood at right angles; for example, under the step of a stair.

glue block, angle block

A block of wood, set into an interior angle formed by two boards, and glued in place to strengthen the joint.
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The majority of Game-Day Youth is devoted to an extensive, thorough glossary of football terms from "angle block" ("Using your body to push a defensive player from the side, getting him out of the play") to "zebra" ("Fun name for the officials, who all wear a shirt with black-and-white stripes as part of their uniform.") An index rounds out this excellent educational and self-teaching resource!
(Jingjiang, China) likes to describe its line of Linghuan brand products--calipers, height gages, micrometers, and angle block sets--as "the selection with ultra value." JMTC was created in 1958 and reorganized with investment from abroad in 1987.
(Note: These measurements were taken using a 45[degrees] angle block rather than a polygon as depicted in Fig.
Back came Wolves with Leander Dendoncker heading marginally wide from Moutinho's free-kick, before Belotti saw his close-range header from a tight angle blocked by Rui Patricio.
Goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic, who has 84 Serbian caps worth of international experience, reacted to an innocuous aerial challenge by George Horan; Slovakian referee Michal Ocenas producing a yellow to both players Partizan continued to dominate after the break, Brass called into action within two mintues as Ivanovic was set free by the busy Soumah, his effort from a tight angle blocked by the Nomads stopper, who was then scrambling across his goal as half time replacement Ognjen Ozegovic glanced a header just wide from Scekic's cross.
It was curtains for Chester on 76 minutes when, at one end, Grand saw an effort from an acute angle blocked, with Telford breaking up the pitch.
But it was curtains for the Blues on 76 minutes when, at one end, Grand saw an effort from an acute angle blocked, with Telford breaking up the pitch and Udoh freed on the halfway line, galloping clear before calmly slotting past Chester keeper Shenton.
McFarlane saw his prodded effort from an angle blocked and Vaughan rose above his defender to head narrowly wide from eight yards.
Matthew Sargeant saved with his feet from Maguire, who then had an effort from a tight angle blocked at the post.