angle block

angle block

[′aŋ·gəl ‚bläk]
A small block of wood used to fasten adjacent pieces, usually at right angles, or glued into the corner of a wooden frame to stiffen it. Also known as glue block.

angle block, glue block

A small block of wood, triangular in cross section, which is used to stiffen two intersecting pieces of wood at right angles; for example, under the step of a stair.

glue block, angle block

A block of wood, set into an interior angle formed by two boards, and glued in place to strengthen the joint.
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Jingjiang, China) likes to describe its line of Linghuan brand products--calipers, height gages, micrometers, and angle block sets--as "the selection with ultra value.
Note: These measurements were taken using a 45[degrees] angle block rather than a polygon as depicted in Fig.
It is easy to put a maximum value on this error by measuring a test surface of good quality, first evaluating the tilt angle with a 50 mm wide mask and then re-evaluating with a 70 mm wide mask to simulate the hypotenuse of a 45[degrees] angle block.
Precast Concrete angle blocks about 10 m, 20 m strips stones; - Paving concrete slabs approximately 40 m2;
AYou need to get underneath the stair where you'll probably find the angle blocks are missing.
To complete our investment, a set of angle blocks was needed to define any "back" angle that may be required for regrinding small boring bars.
To get the in-house capability for regrinding requires an investment in two types of diamond wheels, a set of angle blocks, and this handy-dandy regrinding fixture.
Previously, Regal had relied on angle blocks, micrometers, and optical comparators to measure parts, or it had paid an outside firm to perform some of the measurements.
Topsoil removal 50 sqm, clearing trees, shrubs about 3 hours;- Excavation, channel grave excavated about 20 cubic meters, about 10 meters underground pipes, standpipes approximately 3 hours;- Precast Concrete angle blocks about 10 m, 20 m strips stones,- Paving concrete slabs approximately 40 mA,- Clean-range input about 1 St.
The backs never line up deeper than four yards behind the LOS and have all kinds of angle blocks and misdirection schemes for the little guys.
The run game is characterized by angle blocks, pulling linemen, influences, and cross blocks.
The new dimensional capabilities embrace gage blocks up to four inches, pin gages, ring gages, angle blocks, and thread plugs.