Angle iron

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angle iron

[′aŋ·gəl ‚ī·ərn]
(civil engineering)
An L-shaped cleat or brace.
A length of steel having a cross section resembling the letter L.
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Angle iron

A steel section, either hot-rolled or cold-formed, consisting of two legs, almost always at a right angle.
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angle iron, angle bar

An L-shaped iron or steel bar or structural steel member.
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The lower arrow points to torch cut marks suggesting that this angle iron was cut at one time and then re-welded to form a straight piece.
Angle iron provides a stronger installation and reduces vibration, which helps extend the opener's life span.
With the rings attached and an angle iron brace welded 12" from the top to hold a grate made of expanded metal, the fire ring was ready for service.
They vary considerably in size, according to the dimensions of the cave opening, and they're assembled at the location from 30-foot lengths of angle iron, each piece weighing about 400 pounds.
The sheet metal, pipe, and angle iron used in construction, cost approximately $60.
The thing that took my interest most was the piece of angle iron screwed to the bottom of the tool you produced.
The materials list includes: 1" heavy wall conduit, 11/4" heavy wall conduit, primer and paint, flat lead, 11/2" x 11/2" angle iron, grass mats, black zip ties, hex head self-tapping screws, broom handle snaps, camo burlap, mesh trucking tarp, wire feed welder, conduit bender.
To make the rails, lay lengths of angle iron like an inverted V.
I make my mud scrapers from scrap angle iron. One abundant and often free source is old bed frames.
Cut the slotted angle iron to length with a hacksaw and screw the pieces to the support blocks with 1-1/2 x 5/16-in.