Angle iron

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angle iron

[′aŋ·gəl ‚ī·ərn]
(civil engineering)
An L-shaped cleat or brace.
A length of steel having a cross section resembling the letter L.
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Angle iron

A steel section, either hot-rolled or cold-formed, consisting of two legs, almost always at a right angle.
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angle iron, angle bar

An L-shaped iron or steel bar or structural steel member.
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The sheet metal, pipe, and angle iron used in construction, cost approximately $60.
To fabricate longer flashings, add another workstand--acting in tandem with the first--and substitute longer, wider angle irons. Keep the workstands close together to prevent the angle irons from loosening their grip.
Center the bench top on the cabinet and mark the center and outside angle iron holes on its underside.
11 Lag-screw the angle iron to the bench-top support boards with 1-1/2-in.