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in mathematics, figure formed by the intersection of two straight lines; the lines are called the sides of the angle and their point of intersection the vertex of the angle. Angles are commonly measured in degrees (°) or in radians. If one side and the vertex of an angle are fixed and the other side is rotated about the vertex, it sweeps out a complete circle of 360° or 2π radians with each complete rotation. Half a rotation from 0° or 0 radians results in a straight angle, equal to 180° or π radians; the sides of a straight angle form a straight line. A quarter rotation (half of a straight angle) results in a right angle, equal to 90° or π/2 radians; the sides of a right angle are perpendicular to one another. An angle less than a right angle is acute, and an angle greater than a right angle is obtuse. Two angles that add up to a right angle are complementary. Two angles that add up to a straight angle are supplementary. One of the geometric problems of antiquitygeometric problems of antiquity,
three famous problems involving elementary geometric constructions with straight edge and compass, conjectured by the ancient Greeks to be impossible but not proved to be so until modern times.
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 is the trisection of an angle. Angles can also be formed by higher–dimensional figures, as by a line and a plane, or by two intersecting planes.
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Angle (Angular)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The term “angle” can be used in two different ways in astrology. In its primary, traditional meaning, angle refers to one of the four “corners” (figuratively speaking) of a chart—namely, the cusps of the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses. Planets making a conjunction with the angles—which are sometimes called angular planets, particularly when they are in an angular house—are said to exercise an especially strong influence over the entire horoscope. In practice, astrologers pay the most attention to angular planets in the first and tenth houses. Angle is also used as an alternative term for aspect, as when one talks about the angular relationship between two planets.

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The geometric figure, arithmetic quantity, or algebraic signed quantity determined by two rays emanating from a common point or by two planes emanating from a common line.
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1. The figure made by two lines that meet.
2. The difference in direction of such intersecting lines, or the space within them.
3. A projecting or sharp corner.
4. A secluded area resembling a corner; a nook.
5. An L-shaped metal member; an angle iron.
7. A fitting on a gutter for rainwater which changes the gutter’s direction.
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1. the space between two straight lines that diverge from a common point or between two planes that extend from a common line
2. the shape formed by two such lines or planes
3. the extent to which one such line or plane diverges from another, measured in degrees or radians
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Figures 5-8 shows the variations of thermal efficiency with heat input, angle of inclinations and filing ratios of working fluid in the heat pipe.
The distance c between hinges and the angle of inclination of the panel diagonal [[theta].sub.d] are shown in the figure.
As the angle of inclination increases, output capacity of the unit decreases, with a corresponding increase in retention time.
The teacher sets the graph to be mathematised by selecting the initial speed, for example, to 18 m/s, and the angle of inclination to 75[degrees].
Numerical calculations show that SPS has a Gaussian form at angle of inclination of prolate irregularities [[gamma].sub.0] = 1[degrees], 5[degrees].
As the downward angle of inclination increases from 01(horizontal) to 451, liquid separation is enhanced because downward component of inlet velocity facilitates liquid separation and lower normal velocity reduces turbulence of liquid jet impingement on the vertical branch tube.
Analysis of the DRC spectra explains the transformation of the intensity distribution of diffusion scattering in the case of the deviation of the pores in the diffraction plane, to determine the type of pores, and from the angular position of the 'shoulders' determine the mean angle of inclination of the pores in relation to the surface of the specimen (in the case of KO-pores in Fig.
The axis of the earth wobbles, altering its angle of inclination to the sun.
* 28,800 beats per hour, 4 Hz * Red button: anodized aluminium * Flexible lugs (angle of inclination 45A - 50A) * Fluted bezel with inlaid red marking (anodized aluminium) * Numerals and indices as appliquE[umlaut]d details * Crystal: convex, internally anti-reflective sapphire glass * Case back crystal: screwed, internally anti-reflective sapphire glass * Super-LumiNova coated, luminous hands * Water resistance: 10 atm (100 m) * Diameter: 44 mm * Case height: 15 mm * Strap: Leather strap made from the finest calfskin with contrasting top-stitching * Folding clasp with inlaid red marking (anodized aluminium), stainless steel * German Engineering -- Swiss Made
Vostok Six, travelling at a distance from earth between 113 and 144 miles, has the same angle of inclination to the equator - 65 degrees - as Vostok Five.