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Determination of Angle of Repose. Flow-ability of common beans was measured using the angle of repose that will be useful in material handling equipment.
Based on the particle size distribution, these microspheres are expected to display impaired flowability, as confirmed by the angle of repose, Hausner ratio, and Carr's index (Section 3.4).
To investigate a skin friction reduction ratio influenced by depth (h), angle of repose ([alpha]), and spacing (d), [L.sub.9]([3.sup.4]) orthogonal table was chosen.
The angle of repose is one of the most significant macroscopic parameters in characterizing the flow behavior of powders and granular materials.
The bulk and tapped densities were found to be 0.5120.02 and 0.640.09 for Clarithromycin powder, while the hausner's ratio, angle of repose and the compressibility index was found to be 1.250.02, 30.00.02 and 20.02 respectively.
The angle of repose was measured using the fixed funnel method adapted by Iwuagwu and Onyekwelli [7].
Moreover, a sieve analysis was performed and an angle of repose was determined.
Powder mixtures of different formulations were evaluated for angle of repose, bulk density, tapped density, and compressibility index.