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As such, with Angle set to name his opponent on Monday Night Raw this week, all signs point to the battle 14 years in the making.
At the same time the tag team match of Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle set against Stephanie McMahon and Triple H is estimated to be the significant event on the card.
(5) The angle set in step (2) was changed to 25[degrees], 35[degrees], and 45[degrees], and then step (3) and step (4) were repeated.
This is the first time that the Scatter Search Algorithm has been incorporated with FMO to search along a discrete-angle candidate pool to find the optimal angle set. The performance of the selected beam angle selection framework was verified using a simulated box phantom with obvious optimal beam angles.
Figure 15 shows a decreasing trend for the volume fraction of water in fracture 5 (FD = 2.4) with contact angle set at 60[degrees].
Another angle set to play an increasing role in personalized medicine is the ability for patients to feed personal health data directly into the EMR.
Anthony Stokes 6 Terrific finish from a tight angle set the tone for the day.
Any angle set by the pilot will yield a given rate of descent at a given speed.
Since the redundancy of the inverse kinematic, the angle set which is closer to the target state will be selected as end position.
Samaras should have doubled City's lead not long afterwards but his failure to convert from an acute angle set up a thrilling finale, which began when Fulham substitute Collins John bundled home from close range.
Head up the centre of the field at the angle set by the bridge and pass through the hedgeline to continue to the bottom-left field corner and exit on to the road.