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see Anglo-SaxonsAnglo-Saxons,
name given to the Germanic-speaking peoples who settled in England after the decline of Roman rule there. They were first invited by the Celtic King Vortigern, who needed help fighting the Picts and Scots. The Angles (Lat.
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an ancient Germanic tribe, mentioned by Tacitus and Ptolemy. In the fourth and early fifth centuries the Angles lived in the south of the Jutland Peninsula. In the fifth and sixth centuries they took part in the Anglo-Saxon conquest of Britain, where they formed the kingdoms of Mer-cia, East Anglia, and Northumbria. Part of the country they conquered was later called England, after the name of the Angles. The Angles constituted one of the elements of the Anglo-Saxon ethnic group that was formed in the seventh to tenth centuries. It is believed that the Angles who remained on the continent merged with the Danes.

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If a number of equal spheres be described with their centres placed in two parallel layers; with the centre of each sphere at the distance of radius x sqrt(2) or radius x 1.41421 (or at some lesser distance), from the centres of the six surrounding spheres in the same layer; and at the same distance from the centres of the adjoining spheres in the other and parallel layer; then, if planes of intersection between the several spheres in both layers be formed, there will result a double layer of hexagonal prisms united together by pyramidal bases formed of three rhombs; and the rhombs and the sides of the hexagonal prisms will have every angle identically the same with the best measurements which have been made of the cells of the hive-bee.
It was really curious to note in cases of difficulty, as when two pieces of comb met at an angle, how often the bees would entirely pull down and rebuild in different ways the same cell, sometimes recurring to a shape which they had at first rejected.
He advanced towards the angle, and summoning all his resolution, attacked the ground with the pickaxe.
Caption: Figure 5: An example of the same tilt angle but with different slant angles.
The measurement of contact angles between solid surfaces and droplets is a procedure performed by researchers to evaluate the cleanability of droplets.
A captive bubble method was used to measure contact angles. A high-pressure stainless steel chamber with ~20 MPa capacity was designed to allow monitoring the evolution of C[O.sub.2] droplet on the substrates during tests through glass windows.
This simple plotting of viewing angles was repeated 50 times.
In mathematics, angles are particularly difficult concepts for students to grasp and students often develop many misconceptions and difficulties (Clements & Battista, 1989; Mitchelmore, 2002).
In another study the results indicated that approximately 93% of the variation of the Wits appraisal could be explained by the variation of the ANB, Sella-Nasion line and SNA angles. The study also showed that the ANB angle and the Wits appraisal, cannot be directly compared.
Some studies confirmed the clinical application of panoramic radiographs for measuring the gonial angle, since there is no superimposition on the left and right sides of gonial angles on panoramic radiographs.9, 18-20
Property 1: The angles at the centre and at the circumference of a circle subtended by same arc.
Regarding the importance of the lumbar region in body posture, angles between the sacral and lumbar regions are of clinical significance.