angular velocity

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angular velocity

Symbol: ω. The rate at which a body or particle moves about a fixed axis, i.e. the rate of change of angular displacement. It is expressed in radians per second. Angular acceleration is the rate of change of angular velocity.
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Angular Velocity

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The core meaning of angular velocity is the angular distance, expressed in degrees and minutes of an arc, that a planet travels in the course of a day. By extension, angular velocity can also be the angular distance a heavenly body moves during any given unit of time.

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angular velocity

[′aŋ·gyə·lər və′läs·əd·ē]
The time rate of change of angular displacement.
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[beta] coefficients were used to infer the identity of the parameter most substantially correlated with racket velocity and the highest values were observed in forehand strokes, in relations to the angular velocity at impact for the internal rotation of the playing hand Vcon tRShlE.
The improvements in the knee flexion peak torque at 60[degrees]/sec angular velocity were not significantly different among groups (p=0.094).
The vectors [[??].sub.B], [[??].sub.C] are directed along the perpendiculars to the segments [P.sub.2],B, and [P.sub.2],C respectively in the direction of the instantaneous rotational angular velocity of the connecting rod 2.
For the unicycle model we deal with in this paper, [A.sub.1] (s) = [A.sub.3] (s) = 0 corresponds to [kappa](s) = 0, or zero-inertia points of unicycle are the points with zero curvature, at which the angular velocity [omega] = [kappa]v = 0.
When the vibration in Y direction in Figure 10 is compared with the pitching angular velocity in Figure 9, the two curves are almost identical, which further explains that during the launch process, the pitch movement of the missile is caused by the pitch of launch canister, and the ring adapter around the missile has a significant effect in buffering.
The latter clearly possesses a trivial solution z [equivalent to] 0 that is a well-known result: in this case, the rotation takes place about the axis determined by the angular velocity vector [OMEGA] with magnitude [OMEGA] = 2[omega].
where [K.sub.v]--the linear velocity gain, [M.sub.r]--the mass of the mobile robot, [K.sub.[omega]]--the angular velocity gain, [J.sub.r]--the moment of inertia of the mobile robot around vertical axis of rotation.
In this paper, an ERS camera works as a sensor to measure the angular velocity of the propeller which rotates faster than the speed of the camera.
A statistically significant increase was detected in the 60[degrees]/second and 180[degrees]/second angular velocity PT values in the flexor and extensor muscles around the knee at third month of treatment compared to baseline values (p<0.05).