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1. having an angle or angles
2. measured by an angle or by the rate at which an angle changes


Areas formed by two lines diverging from a common point, two planes diverging from a common line, and the space between such lines or surfaces, whether on the exterior or interior of a structure.


(science and technology)
Having sharp corners.
Having or forming angles.


(MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js) A set of system software used for developing JavaScript-based Web applications. Node.js is server-side JavaScript, while Express provides an abbreviated framework for it. AngularJS is used for client-side JavaScript, and MongoDB is a highly scalable database that supports full clustering and automatic sharding. See MongoDB, Node.js, LAMP and database partitioning.
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Extreme malalignments for people with TTA who use prostheses were on the order of [greater than or equal to] 3[degrees] angularly or [greater than or equal to] 10 mm linearly in magnitude in both the sagittal and coronal planes and are still judged acceptable by experienced prosthetists and prosthesis users alike.
We take context into account using a conditional random field that has been trained on triples of angularly sequential digits from both healthy and impaired clocks, enabling the system to classify a digit based in part on the interpretation of the digits on either (angular) side of the current candidate.
Hakkak, "Compact angularly stable AMCs utilizing skewed cross-shaped FSSs," Microw Opt.
Arguably, it is a more sophisticated form and less angularly aggressive.
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The efficiency for [sup.18]F is not expected to fall on the calibration curve, since the [[beta].sup.+] decays in flight and the annihilation [gamma]-rays are angularly correlated.
Where [C.sub.2] and [C.sub.1] are angularly rotated (with respect to center of SRR section) clockwise and anti-clockwise from Y axis respectively, with orientations of 45[degrees] (Case 1), 90[degrees] (Case 2) and 135[degrees] (Case 3).
A Rotman lens has M beam ports and N array ports, and it has the capacity to form M discrete beams in different directions; and involves steering an off-axis incident plane wave directed onto the microwave array ports to angularly separated beam ports.
NELSON, Global existence, asymptotics and uniqueness for the reflection kernel of the angularly shifted transport equation, Math.
Further, multiple beams can be illuminated simultaneously because each beam is angularly separated by almost 200 milliradians.