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3 (#) & vit C Sulfa: sulfasalazine; vit C: vitamin C; vit E: vitamin E; DSP: daily sperm production (DSP); AB+: Aniline Blue positive; * Indicate significant difference from the control group; (#) Indicate significant difference from treated with Sulfa alone
19) Aniline blue stains lysine rich nucleoproteins, which is another sign of deterioration of chromatin condensation and was shown to correlate with AO staining.
Evaluation of sperm's chromatin quality with acridine orange test, chromomycin A3 and aniline blue staining in couples with unexplained recurrent abortion.
Within conventional and nontreated GR cultivars, Alexander's stain gave the highest estimate of viability, whereas B & K + aniline blue provided the lowest estimate (Table 2).
Pollen viability was high, with [greater than]95% of grains staining darkly with aniline blue dye.
However, when chromatin integrity was measured by aniline blue divided in two groups according to a threshold of 10%, the fertilization rate was significantly higher for the group with less than 10% chromatin abnormality(85 [+ or -] 22.
dagger]) Solution D was prepared by mixing water with DMSO and then adding aniline blue and aniline free base.
Acetic acid, Acetone, Acid fuschin, Ammonium alum(aluminium ammonium sulphate), Ammonium hydroxide, Ammonia solution, Aniline blue, Basic fuchsin, Bismark brown, Tips for micropipette 100-1000 micro litre, Calcium chloride, Charcoal, Chloroform, Citric acid, Congo red, Copper sulphate, Chloral hydrate, Crystalline phenol, D.