animal husbandry

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animal husbandry,

aspect of agricultureagriculture,
science and practice of producing crops and livestock from the natural resources of the earth. The primary aim of agriculture is to cause the land to produce more abundantly and at the same time to protect it from deterioration and misuse.
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 concerned with the care and breedingbreeding,
in agriculture and animal husbandry, propagation of plants and animals by sexual reproduction; usually based on selection of parents with desirable traits to produce improved progeny.
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 of domestic animals such as cattle, goats, sheep, hogs, and horses. Domestication of wild animal species was a crucial achievement in the prehistoric transition of human civilization from hunting-and-gathering to agriculture. The first domesticated livestock animal may have been the sheep, which was tamed around 9000 B.C. in N Iraq. By about 7000 B.C. (and perhaps much earlier) the pig was domesticated in Anatolia; around 6500 B.C. domestic goats were kept in Mesopotamia; by 5900 B.C. (and perhaps 3,000 years earlier) there were domesticated cattle in Chad, while independently about 5500 B.C. there were domesticated cattle in SW Iran; and around 3500 B.C. the horse was domesticated on the Eurasian steppes. Nothing is known of the early development of husbandry; selective breeding for the improvement of livestock was already practiced in Roman times. Continuing systematic development and improvement of domestic livestock breeds, established in England following 1760 by Robert Bakewell and others, has been paralleled by advances in animal nutritionnutrition,
study of the materials that nourish an organism and of the manner in which the separate components are used for maintenance, repair, growth, and reproduction. Nutrition is achieved in various ways by different forms of life.
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 and veterinary medicineveterinary medicine,
diagnosis and treatment of diseases of animals. An early interest in animal diseases is found in ancient Greek writings on medicine. Veterinary medicine began to achieve the stature of a science with the organization of the first school in the field in
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animal husbandry

[′an·ə·məl ′həz·bən·drē]
A branch of agriculture concerned with the breeding and feeding of domestic animals.
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According to a recent report prepared by the Animal Husbandry Council and launched at the seventh Sectoral Economy Council meeting on Tuesday, the country's dependence on animal feed imports and the increasing depreciation of the Turkish lira against the US dollar, which has been ongoing since the second half of 2013, have increased the costs of animal husbandry.
Any sudden death of poultry must be reported to the local agriculture and animal husbandry office, he said.
81 crore was earmarked for the Animal Husbandry Sector, which consisted of Rs.
We agree with the University of Liverpool scientists who argue there is "no welfare case" for routine use of low-dosage antibiotics as they mask poor management, animal husbandry and cow welfare.
I must admit that before I read Aharon Sasson's Animal husbandry in ancient Israel I thought--having read previous work by the author and finding his approach to the study of Bronze and Iron Age Levantine animal husbandry sensible and compelling--I would be giving it an overwhelmingly positive review.
China Animal Husbandry Industry Co Ltd, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the manufacture and distribution of animal feeds, veterinary medicines, and biological products.
Part two addresses the practices of animal husbandry in the "new world," demonstrating how colonists used assumptions about the keeping of livestock to both measure and rectify the deficiencies of native society.
Even sound, science-based animal husbandry practices can become fodder for activist agendas.
It also teaches the reader about medicinal plants, meteorites, xeroderma pigmentosum, animal husbandry and more.
1-3), highlight the need for more research, public education, regulatory guidelines for exotic animal husbandry practices, and possibly a ban on the sale of wild-caught animals.
Again, in keeping with our theme, he can be found in Malaysia, Burma and Sumatra,'' said Rob Mortensen, the Aquarium's animal husbandry expert, as the creature scaled him for a reward of grapes.

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